This is Aachen – our headquarters

Aken, Aquisgrán, Aix-la-Chapelle or Aquisgrana – whatever you may call our city, we would like to introduce it to you as the headquarters of our agency and maybe even as a new home for you.

Charlemagne already discovered the charm of Aachen

Based on a settlement by the Celts and Romans, the city of Aachen received special significance by Charlemagne. He appointed Aachen the first capital of his European empire. To this day, the medieval old town reminds us of its momentous past. But not only Charlemagne was enchanted by Aachen. The Aachen Cathedral is the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in Germany. Around the cathedral and the old town you can find a multitude of restaurants, cafés and shops that invite you to discover more.

Aachen also offers plenty of space to relax. Enjoying the outdoors is no problem here because Aachen has a city forest and some parks, where the next ice cream shop is usually just around the corner. Something very special are the hammocks on Lousberg: after a walk along town’s landmark mountain you can enjoy the great view over the surrounding countryside. Relaxation in Aachen is not only found in parks, but also at the thermal spa named Carolus Thermen. The city’s hot springs, which once made Aachen a popular destination for many spa guests, are still used today in the thermal spa with a sauna world. In this multifaceted spa, there is something for everyone to relax and unwind.

Thousand inhabitants


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Neighbouring countries adjecent to the city limits

Square kilometre area

Great location in the heart of Europe

As Germany’s westernmost major city, Aachen is not far from the border triangle with Belgium and the Netherlands. A trip there is definitely worthwhile. Because of its proximity, excursions to neighbouring countries are also possible without much effort. The Dutch city of Maastricht is a real insider tip. Thanks to a direct train connection you can get there in no time at all. There are also direct train connections to Brussels and many other cities, including Paris, from Aachen Central Station.

It is not only the proximity to neighbouring countries that is convenient. If you do long for the pulse of a city of millions, Cologne can be reached in less than an hour and invites you to take a walk along the Rhine, visit the cathedral or take a shopping tour through the city centre. In addition to Cologne, the region North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) offers many other large cities nearby, such as Düsseldorf, Bonn or Essen.

The city of Aachen is also known as a location for innovation and progress. Some people would describe Aachen as a digital hub. Thanks to the Excellence University RWTH Aachen and the many universities with numerous research centres and institutes, the city offers an environment that creates optimal conditions for economic and personal development.

How to quickly feel at home in Aachen

We asked our colleagues what you canexperience in Aachen, how quickly a feeling of home can arise here and what the best insider tips are.

Our colleagues all agree: You will like Aachen. Everything in the city centre is within easy walking distance. What you shouldn’t miss is the Spitzgässchen, a tiny alley next to the cathedral. Along Aachen Cathedral you can let the architecture of the old town take effect on you or stroll through the shops. There are also guided tours of the city where you can learn more about the stories and legends surrounding Aachen.

Culinary Aachen is not only equipped with many delicious restaurants, but is also home to the unique Aachener Printen – a kind of spiced biscuit. You should definitely try them. If Printen are not quite your thing, there are many other delicacies to be found at Lamberts factory outlet – a producer of all kinds of cookies. Even from a distance, the scent gets into your nose and whets your appetite for more. Right next door you will find chocolate factory of Lindt, also with an impressive factory outlet that will make all your chocolate dreams come true.

But don’t worry, Aachen also offers you plenty of opportunities to find a sporting balance after all the gourmet food. At Königshügel there is a sports facility that invites you to get some exercise outdoors and indoors. There is usually a lot going on there and you can also find new sporting buddies there. There are also plenty of clubs in Aachen where you can find other passionate volleyball players, footballers, dancers or athletes with whom you can continue to pursue your passion. If you are open to new things, the RWTH university offers a comprehensive sports programme, which is also open to outsiders, meaning non-students. Especially recommended here is the “Kontakthüpfen” programme, which is officially called “Sports with Music”. Afterwards, you’re guaranteed to be flat on your back.

Ina - Project Management

“I simply love how much history and culture there is in the city. There is a lot to discover and always something going on because of the many students. What I can highly recommend are concerts in the cathedral cellar, the cat café and afternoons filled with tabletop games at Café Zuhause. That’s not only fun, but also a great way to meet new people.”

Tom - Testing

“What I find particularly cool about Aachen is that you have everything you need for city life. There are plenty of restaurants, cafés and shopping facilities. At the same time, you can get to nature very quickly. In the Eifel, for example, you can go hiking or mountain biking, but there are also good opportunities for running in the Aachen area.”

Sonja - Marketing & Communication

“Aachen offers a very active dance scene: Whether for beginners or competitive dancers, there is something for everyone. Several dance sport clubs and dance schools provide a wide range of options and you will also meet many sociable dancers. The gala ball of the RWTH and the Schritt_macher dance festival are the highlights of the year.”

Christian - Management

“My favourite place to spend the weekend is the Öcher Bösch, the Aachen Forest. Whether on foot or by bike, you can really enjoy nature and just switch off. And if you’d like to have a bit more action, the city centre invites you to enjoy a tasty ice cream. I can especially recommend the Eismännchen or the Oecher Eis-Treff.”

Horse City Aachen

Horse lovers get their money’s worth in Aachen. Every year the CHIO, one of the largest equestrian sport festivals in the world, attracts the world’s top equestrian athletes to the city. The equestrian tournament has been taking place since 1925 and attracts around 350 thousand visitors every year. The CHIO is not only interesting for horse enthusiasts. In addition to the competitions, the festival also offers a varied range of food and drinks, around 200 exhibitors and a programme of activities involving horses and also dogs during the CHIO Family Day.

The traditional Christmas market

The Christmas market in Aachen is well known and popular beyond the borders of Germany. During the Advent season, the entire pedestrian zone is transformed into a warmly lit collection of wooden huts offering everything that belongs to a classic Christmas market, from handicrafts to roasted almonds and mulled wine from various winegrowers. The Christmas market around the cathedral and on the Katschhof, where you can enjoy the festive spirit in the middle of the cathedral and the town hall, offers a very special atmosphere. With a great view and tasty mulled wine or punch, the Christmas mood comes up all by itself.

Our office

Of course this is our subjective opinion, but our office in the street called Rotter Bruch is a particularly beautiful part of Aachen. On the one hand easy to reach by bus or car, on the other hand supplied with bakeries and supermarkets nearby, we can work well in the bright, large rooms. Our kitchen and, of course, the coffee machine are the focal point for socialising with the other team members. The “ballroom”, our largest conference room, also serves as a meeting place for the Magento Meetup Aachen, which we organise here.


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