Julian Nuß

Backend Developer

IT Specialist for Application Development

Directly after his professional training as an IT Specialist for Application Development at Deutsche Telekom, Julian Nuß started his career in the field of e-commerce in 2012. During this time, he also discovered his interest for Magento. Over the course of time working in an IT agency, Julian Nuß became very familiar with the e-commerce platform. Due to his own initiative, he managed to find his way around the new system quickly and was able to set up his first online stores running on Magento within a very short time. Julian Nuß has more than eight years of experience in Magento development and we are happy that he brings this comprehensive knowledge to our agency.

Julian Nuß is also well known in the Magento community. Through his commitment and participation in community events, we met him some years before he joined us at integer_net. Julian Nuß is our first complete remote employee and so we met him face to face more often in the years before he joined us than since his start at integer_net in that extraordinary year of 2020. Since then, he has confirmed the positive impression we have had of him as a valuable team member and a Magento expert.

Main Focus

PHP & JavaScript



Linux Administration/DevOps