It all started in the summer of 2012. Since then, a lot has happened. Both the team and the company continue to grow. 


June 2022

  • On 14th June the Magento-Stammtisch Aachen takes place for the first time again as a face-to-face event in our premises in Aachen. Nils Preuß gives a lecture on the subject of e-mail templates in Magento 2.4.4 and our colleague Julian Nuß takes a look at the present and future of PHP 8.1/8.2 with us.
  • On 21th June our co-founder Andreas von Studnitz is a guest at MeetMagento UK.
  • On 29th June is worked together again at the Improvement Day as a hybrid event. As always, team spirit and joint projects and ideas are the focus here.

May 2022

  • On May 12th and 13th, HyväCamp takes place as the first Hyvä event in-person. The event is jointly organized by Hyvä and integer_net. Almost 60 participants from different countries come to our premises in Aachen to take part in HyväClasses, exchange ideas at the CommerceExchange, actively help shape the BarCamp and contribute their knowledge to the hackathon. You can find more information about this day in our HyväCamp blog post.

April 2022

  • Felipe Reyes Kempff is now part of our project management team
  • 26.04. – Andreas von Studnitz visits the “Adobe Commerce Partner Roadshow” in Berlin

March 2022

  • Anni Nguyen now supports our project management team as a trainee
  • Anne Sassen-Elattar is now part of the marketing team
  • 17.03. – The 47th Magento Stammtisch Aachen takes place as an online event. The main topics of the evening are the current developments and changes in the Magento community. Andreas von Studnitz holds a talk during the evening about the events in the Magento world in recent times.
  • 23.03. – The Improvement Day takes place as a hybrid event. It’s an exciting day full of creativity, bubbling ideas and team spirit.

February 2022

    22.02. – Hyvä Meetup 3: As usual, the third Meetup has a lot to offer and is again organised by integer_net. The main topic for this day: Extensions. Vinai Kopp (Hyvä Themes) and Romain Ruaud (Head of ElasticSuite) will give an insight into their work with Hyvä and Extensions. More information about the Hyvä Meetup can be found here.

January 2022

    2022 has begun: This year we are especially looking forward to our 10th anniversary which is coming up in the summer. In our projects we continue to work with our clients, and we already have a number of launches and innovations in the pipeline.


December 2021

  • 07.12. – Magento Stammtisch Aachen: Christmas edition online. This is the last regulars’ table for this year. The theme of the evening: sitting together in a cosy atmosphere and having a laugh. Originally we had planned a trip to the Aachen Christmas market for the evening. However, due to the pandemic, we will hold our regulars’ table online in accordance with Corona. Information about the Magento Stammtisch Aachen can be found here (German).
  • 17.12. – Improvement Day: This time we have only scheduled half a day for working and improving. The rest of the Improvement Day will be dedicated to the team: Even though we can only hold the meeting online, we still want to end the year in a relaxed atmosphere with some delicious punch.

November 2021

    03.11. – The Hyvä Meetup goes into its second round! This time we have four experts as speakers: Ian Rushton (Develo Design) from the UK, Danny Verkade and Edwin Bos from Cream in the Netherlands and our colleague Ina van der Biesen (project manager). Ina will introduce our project Highlite to the guests; A shop that was one of the first ever to try out Hyvä Themes.
    More about the Hyvä Meetup and the next dates can be found here.

October 2021

  • 11.-15 Oct – Reacticon: At this event, an entire day is dedicated to the topic of Hyvä. The presentations and discussions are enthusiastically received by the Magento community.
  • 21.10. – MA Connect: At this Magento Association event, our employee Sonja (Marketing & Corporate Communications) is heavily involved; she acts as both board member and co-organiser.
  • Our employee Peter Lohaus (Development) has received the “Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner” certificate. Congratulations, Peter!
  • Our employee Bernard Delhez (Development) has received the certificate “Adobe Certified Professional – Adobe Magento Commerce Developer Professional”. Congratulations, Bernard!

September 2021

  • 13.09. – Magento Stammtisch Aachen: This Stammtisch is a little different than usual, because we have decided to have a panel discussion in order to be able to discuss our topic of the evening “Status Quo and future of Magento” appropriately. Alexandra Essig (basecom), Patrick Scherr (Y1), Simon Sprankel (CustomGento) and Christian Altrogge (CGI Next) will be taking part. There is also a lot of participation from the public and the results are impressive. Read more in our blog post (with mind map; in German).
  • 14.09. – Meet Magento Poland: In addition to many presentations, there will also be a panel discussion of great interest. Topic: “Building Magento Open Source Future”. Participants are Willem Wigman (Hyvä), Vinai Kopp (Hyvä), Danny Verkade (Magento Association), Slava Kravchuk (Magento Association), Mathias Schreiber (Typo3), Ignacio Riesco (Interactiv4) and Tymoteusz Motylewski (Macopedia). You can watch the recording here on YouTube.

August 2021

    Marius Krasny joins the integer_net team as project manager.

July 2021

    Hyvä Slider version 1.1 is released. This version contains many new features.

June 2021

  • Tobias Hartmann now supports our team as a freelancer.
  • Andreas Leurs is now part of our team as a project manager.
  • 02.06. – Magento Stammtisch Hamburg: Topics of the evening are Hyvä and Vue Storefront. Our managing director Christian Philipp will give a presentation there.
  • 07.06. – Magento Stammtisch Aachen: The topic of the evening is performance. We have invited the experts Benjamin Eberlei (Tideways) and Jochen G. Fuchs (business journalist and product owner) as speakers. More about the regulars’ table (in German).
  • 10.-11.06. – Meet Magento Italy: Our friend and colleague Willem Wigman will give a talk about Hyvä Themes.
  • 18.06. – Improvement Day: Our internal hackathon goes into the next round. On this day we think outside the box, educate ourselves and work in new teams.
  • The Velocity Station “Rotter Bruch” is ready! We are completely impressed by the concept of the e-bike rental Velocity. You can read more about it in our blog (in German).

May 2021

  • New addition to our team: Rajeev K Tomy now enriches our team and works mainly on the Hyvä React Checkout.
  • Hyvä 1.1.2 Release: Hyvä (new frontend for open source Magento shops) is being worked on and refined.
  • 19.05. – Hyvä Meetup – The Premiere: The first Hyvä Meetup takes place online on the Hopin platform and is organised by integer_net. Magento developers and other interested parties can listen to talks and exchange ideas about Hyvä. A summary can be found in our blog.
  • Aachen Web Makers Meetup: This Aachen event is now organised by us. As soon as the pandemic allows it, we will revive this Meetup.
  • Our team is becoming more and more international. Therefore, our communication language for meetings with mixed teams is now English.

April 2021

  • Announcement before Adobe Summit: A week before Adobe Summit, Adobe announced in a blog post that Magento Commerce (the commercial version of Magento) will be renamed to Adobe Commerce. The free version called Magento Open Source will keep its name.
  • Magento Association Connect: Andreas von Studnitz got to speak at the online event of Magento Association. In his talk on developer happiness, he highlighted the consequences that a good tech stack that matches the project requirements has.
  • Christian Philipp attended the virtual Magento meetup in Kiel to share some experiences from our recent Hyvä projects.

March 2021

  • New in our team: Vinai Kopp, an experienced Magento developer and trainer, is now part of our team!
  • Improvement Day at integer_net: We spend one day with internal tasks and trying out new technologies and tools.

February 2021

  • Hyvä Themes 1.0 is here: With a Launch Party and several presentations we celebrate the general availability of the new frontend solution for Magento 2. The first projects with Hyvä are already finished.
  • Magento-Stammtisch Aachen taking a closer look: Together with our attendees, we discuss Shopware and Magento.
  • For our client Butterfly we finish another project with Hyvä Themes. You can find an overview of our Hyvä projects in our blog.

January 2021

  • A new year with plenty of projects lies ahead of us. The first launch of the year happens for our client Die Ballondrucker, whose online store now runs on Magento 2 with Hyvä Themes as a frontend.


December 2020

  • This December, we get to celebrate two launches: LiNear now has a new online store for their B2B customers. For our client Amla we have finished a Magento 2 store with a subscription functionality.
  • Not a classic Christmas edition of our Magento meetup, but a virtual one: The Magento Meetup Aachen meets again to discuss all things Magento frontend.

November 2020

  • Our team continues to grow: Nico Schreiber works in Quality Assurance and makes sure that everything is properly tested.
  • During our internal Improvement Day we work on a number of different projects for our own team.

October 2020

  • Our team is growing again: Julian Nuß starts as Magento developer and Jonas Hoberg as project manager.
  • With his talk at Reacticon, Willem Wigman presented Hyvä: a project that creates a new solution for the Magento frontend and that we support as technical partner.

September 2020

  • Andreas von Studnitz has passed the exam and is now “Adobe Certified Expert – Magento Commerce Cloud Developer”. Congratulations!
  • We continue to be present at remote events, for example, we participated in Adobe EMEA Partner Connect and Adobe Developers Live Commerce.

August 2020

  • To ensure that the office is not left completely empty, we are getting new furniture for our large conference room, the “ballroom”. As soon as it is possible again, internal meetings and events like the Magento meetup Aachen will take place here.

July 2020

  • No sign of summer slump: our team is active in various projects of our customers. We also support our partner agencies in other Magento 2 projects.

June 2020

  • For the first time, our Magento meetup Aachen is held as an online event via the Hopin platform.
  • Revel in memories: With an EOL mini-event we celebrated the end of the support of Magento 1 together.

May 2020

  • Our internal Improvement Day takes place remotely for the first time and continues to offer the opportunity to develop outside of specific projects and create new solutions for everyday tasks.
  • For the safety of our customers: We have entered into a partnership with Sansec and are now officially a strategic partner.

April 2020

  • We are now Adobe Solution Partner Bronze and look forward to the cooperation.
  • The Meet Magento Meetup takes place virtually and Andreas represents us as speaker about Code Quality in Magento 2.

March 2020

  • Marketing support: Andrea Wiel helps us improve our content marketing and customer service.
  • We tried beer yoga and found pleasure in the mixture of relaxation, physical exertion and the attentive enjoyment of ‘isotonic sports drinks’.

February 2020

  • We welcome the Web Engineering Meetup Aachen in our office! The meetup takes place every two months at different companies in Aachen. We were happy to get the chance to be hosts for the meetup community and served them Syrian food instead of the usual pizza.
  • Hackathon in Mainz: FireGento sent out an invitation so Fabian and Andreas went to spend the weekend with the Magento community.

January 2020

  • More power for our project management team: Ina van der Biesen starts into the new year with a new job at integer_net. Welcome to the team!
  • Mykola has successfully completed another certification! He is now not only a Magento 1 Certified Developer, but also a Magento 2 Certified Associate Developer.
  • Our New Year’s Party inspires us to form new connections in our brains (while trying to get out of an Escape Room). Afterwards, we enjoy the evening with some tasty dinner.


December 2019

  • The tradition continues: The last Magento Meetup Aachen of the year takes place at the beautiful Christmas Market of our city. Afterwards, we head to a restaurant for dinner.
  • Willem got a new certification: He is now a Magento 2 Certified Associate Developer. Congratulations!
  • Instead of a Christmas party for the team, in 2019 we organise a day event: Christmas bakery in our office kitchen. Cookies, pralinés and more taste really good when you made them yourself.

November 2019

  • Julia Lenzen joins integer_net as the new addition to our project management team. Welcome to the team!
  • Like in the previous years, the majority of our team attends MageUnconference in Cologne. We enjoy a well-organised weekend together with like-minded people. integer_net supports MageUnconference as a main sponsor because this event is so valuable to our community.
  • One can never learn enough. Jisse Reitsma swings by our office for a day to give us a Vue Storefront training.

October 2019

  • Magento Live Europe is calling and many people followed to Amsterdam. We did too with a group of four people, ready to soak up all the news and intel. And to enjoy a good time with the community at the Contribution Day and evening events.

September 2019

  • Dominik Brachmanski starts his job with us in our Magento development team. New to Magento, he gets input and advice from his mentor Fabian.
  • After the summer break, the Magento Meetup Aachen is back. In September, we meet at Otto Gourmet, a local merchant for premium meat. Our attendees get all they asked for: a tour through the merchant’s offices & logistics department, interesting topics and good food & drinks.
  • The last Friday in September is the typical date for the Aachen Firmenlauf, a company run in our city. Our team, including our freelancer André, runs around the Campus Melaten and cools off at dinner afterwards.

August 2019

  • Our summer fete on 25th August brings together not just the current colleagues, but also our newest hirest that will join the team in a few weeks. And of course the team’s families are welcome, too.

July 2019

  • In addition to our current projects its especially Magento trainings that keep us busy these days. During these trainings we support others to improve their work with Magento.
  • Another internal hackathon takes place in July which gives us the opportunity to work together on new tools and to try out new technologies.
  • Tanita Geiger and Tom Fresenborg, two students from the local university RWTH Aachen, are the newest additions to our marketing and QA teams in mid July.

June 2019

  • We start off the month with Meet Magento DE, which celebrates its 10 years anniversary. Our team organises side events, takes part in the hackathon and also holds at talk at the conference.
  • At the Magento meetup in Aachen on June 17th we look back at the recent Magento event highlights. In addition, the team of navabi explain how they selected an ecommerce system from the wide range of options.
  • Willem represents our team at MageTitans Groningen in the Netherlands with a talk about a React based Magento checkout he built.

May 2019

  • Andreas and Sonja are in Las Vegas at Magento Imagine where they receive their Magento Master awards. Congrats again!
  • At B2Run, the sporty part of our team takes part in a run through the great stables and Aachen’s famous riding halls.

April 2019

  • At code.talks commerce in Berlin, Fabian takes part as a speaker.
  • Willem and Fabian are at the scene of Meet Magento Netherlands, a one day event for the Dutch Magento community.
  • At an internal Hackathon the whole team works on tools that improve our workflows.

March 2019

  • The 35th Magento meetup in Aachen brings together 20 people in our new office. The talks of this evening inform the attendees about Magento 2 payment types and Spryker.
  • At the Internet World in Munich, Christian Philipp is around to get insights into recent developments.

February 2019

  • Another year, another moment to be proud of our team: 3 of us are in the list of Top 50 contributors to the Magento community worldwide in 2018: Andreas von Studnitz, Fabian Schmengler and Sonja Riesterer.
  • For the third year in a row, Sonja is selected as a Magento Master. For the first time, Andreas von Studnitz is also awarded as a Magento Master in the category “Mentors”.
  • Andreas offers an open training for Magento 2 developers in Bremen. Following the training, he and more people from our team take part in the local FireGento hackathon.
  • Our team moves into a new, bigger office. From now on, you can find us at Rotter Bruch 17 in Aachen.

January 2019

  • As a new official Magento Business Partner, we attend the Magento Partner Meeting in London to learn more about Magento’s product offerings.
  • At the Webwinkel Vakdagen in Utrecht the Dutch ecommerce people come together to talk business. This year, Willem Wigman and Andreas von Studnitz are present.


December 2018

  • On the third of December, we invite everyone to join the Magento meetup Aachen at the Christmas Market.
  • Our company christmas party leads us into virtual realities at a Holo Café where we compete against each other or save a space ship together.

November 2018

  • This month, Robert Fischer starts working with us. From now on, he helps us in project management.
  • Sandro Wagner and Bernhard Delhez travel to Paris to attend the conferences dotCSS und dotJS, where they learn more about current innovations in frontend development.
  • At the conference MageTitans UK we are represented by Sonja Riesterer with a talk about language nuances and how they can be employed to form a more inclusive tech community.

October 2018

  • October is filled to the brim with events. We start on 4-5th October with a trip to Eindhoven to attend Reacticon v2, a Magento 2 conference that is all about frontend and PWA. integer_net supports this specialised event as a Support Sponsor.
  • The after show party of Reacticon v2 is also the release party of Deity.
  • The conferences continue the following week. Magento Live Europe is finally here. The big gathering of Magento folks in Europe starts off with a Contribution Day and a preparty on 8th October. Both of these events are supported by integer_net as a silver sponsor.
    On 9-10th October Magento Live Europe – the European sister event of the legendary Magento Imagine – brings together a big number of online stores, service providers and agencies in Barcelona. Our team is represented by Andreas von Studnitz and Sonja Riesterer.
  • This is more like a team excursion: On 27-28th October almost the complete team is in Cologne to attend MageUnconference. Similar to a barcamp, attendees propose talks and vote on the topics. Like in previous years we support MageUnconference as a main sponsor.

September 2018

  • The conference season starts into its second semester. We are on the road again with a first stop in Krakow. On 10-11th September Meet Magento Poland takes place. Among the more than 500 expected participants, you can also find Andreas von Studnitz and Fabian Schmengler, who both hold talks in Krakow.
  • On 19th September the Magento meetup Aachen is back from its summer break. We meet in the spacious rooms at Navabi where all kinds of people interested in Magento meet. This time we hear talks about Magento B2B by Christian Altrogge and the resource time by Peter Lohaus.

August 2018

  • The prime time for summer holidays in combination with a long period of very warm weather make it look from the outside as though nothing much would happen. In fact, we are busy working on our clients’ projects.

July 2018

  • On the 3rd and 4th of July we get to spend some time with our partners Deity at the Deity Partners Day in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. They bring us up to speed on the current state of development and their plans for making their PWA solution publicly available.
  • It’s the 26th of July. Exactly six years ago, integer_net was founded. We celebrate the past projects we got to work and look forward to continue to work on something big with our clients and partners.

June 2018

  • The first day of the month we travel to Utrecht to attend Meet Magento NL. Fabian Schmengler, Sonja Riesterer and Andreas von Studnitz are there to engage in talks. Andreas has a talk about Dependency Injection, while Fabian and Sonja moderate roundtable sessions about different topics.
  • Like every year, integer_net is present at Meet Magento DE. We arrive the weekend before the conference in order to attend the Hackathon and the Meet Magento Association Partner Day. After the MageRun we organised, the conference begins. To get people started and help connect, Sonja offers a Welcome Wagon for all newcomers at Meet Magento DE. Andreas holds several talks during these days: twice about the state of Magento and once about code quality in Magento 2.
  • From 19th to 22nd May EnterJS gathers developers in Darmstadt. Fabian Schmengler is there on Wednesday and Thursday. Together with Jamie Maria Schouren of Deity he talks about PWA.

May 2018

  • On 07th May the Magento Meetup Aachen invites anyone interested in Magento to a cozy evening. This time we get a report of Magento Imagine from Carmen Bremen’s point of view, followed by a talk by Andrej Radonic (InterSales) about the newest updates regarding Bluefoot CMS (PageBuilder).
  • One week later on 14th May our team, represented by Bernard, Peter and Sonja, returns the visit to Magento Meetup Cologne. A talk about GDPR and a presentation of Spryker provide us with plenty of input.

April 2018

  • Magento Imagine opens its doors on 23th April. At this biggest Magento conference worldwide in Las Vegas we are represented by Fabian Schmengler. He receives his Magento Master award on the big stage in one of the keynotes. We cheer for him and Sonja, who has the award mailed to her this year.

March 2018

  • On March 5th integer_net attends the Magento Meetup in Paderborn.
  • You can learn more about Magento 2 at the training we offer on March 8th and 9th in Berlin.
  • On March 10th and 11th, our team joins the FireGento hackathon in Berlin to work on community projects.
  • Reacticon is a conference focussed on Magento 2 frontend topics. We will be there and also support the event as a sponsor.

February 2018

  • We are immensely proud of our team! 3 of us are in the list of Top 50 contributors to the Magento community worldwide in 2017: Andreas von Studnitz, Fabian Schmengler and Sonja Riesterer.
  • For the second year in a row, Sonja and Fabian are also selected as Magento Masters. Fabian is listed in the category “Mentors” for his efforts in educating others and providing resources. In the category “Makers”, Sonja is honored for her engagement with the community, sharing ideas and insights.
  • We officially partner with Deity. Ever since we first learned about the headless store-front for Magento 2 stores, we were intrigued. Now we work together to make Magento 2 stores better.
  • We join the Deity Contribution Day on February 21st and 22nd.
  • On February 19th, the Magento Meetup Aachen invites all people interested in Magento and ecommerce to our offices.

January 2018

  • We start the New Year by offering more Magento 2 trainings. 


December 2017

  • Usually, the Magento Meetup Aachen in December takes place at the local Christmas market. This year we turned it into a full day event with interesting talks, tasty food and a jolly good time at the Christmas market: Christmage
  • Our own Christmas party spoils us with fine Japanese food, followed by a traditional pastime in Germany: Skittles.

November 2017

  • We welcome our newest addition to the team: Peter Lohaus starts his job as a project manager for integer_net.
  • Meet Magento Spain brings together Spanish and international Magento folks. On November 7th, Sonja held a talk about embracing change at the event in Madrid.
  • On November 10th at MageTitans in Manchester, Andreas and Fabian join the crowd of Magento enthusiasts and take part in the developer exchange before the actual event as well as the conference. There, Fabian takes the stage to talk about his journey to test automation.
  • On November 17th, MageTestFest gathered Magento developers in Amersfoort to learn more about testing in Magento. Fabian represented our team on stage as one of the seven speakers with his talk about testing fatigue.

October 2017

  • The 30th Magento Meetup Aachen takes place on October 9th. For this anniversary, we get together at a new location at navabi, an online store located in Aachen. The talks by Andreas Mautz and Stephan Hochdörfer offer a lot of technical information about GitLab Pipelines and Dependency Injection.
  • On October 14th and 15th, FireGento e.V. invites to an internal hackathon in Essen. Andreas joins the group on this weekend at the Linux Hotel to work on Magento 2 Pull Requests and to exchange ideas with other members of the association.

September 2017

  • We’re growing! Bernard joins our team as a backend developer.
  • On September 18th and 19th, Sonja is at Meet Magento Poland in Krakow to hold a talk about Content Commerce.
  • This month it becomes official: integer_net is now the godmother of a raccoon at the zoo in Aachen.
  • With Belgian beers, friees and great talks the Meet Magento Belgium offers a lot. Andreas, Bernard, Fabian and Sandro are in Brussels on September 27th.
  • At the end of the month, the team shows they are “integer_fit”: At the Aachen company run on September 29th, Cristina, Andreas, Bernard and Christian demonstrate that they don’t only know how to type ‘run’ in the command line but they can execute it themselves.

August 2017

  • August 24th is a very special day for Andreas, Sandro and Sonja: The three of them go to Cologne to take part in the beta certification for “Magento 2 Solution Specialist”. 5 weeks later we get the results: they all passed!
  • The last weekend in August is reserved for MageUnconference NL in Utrecht. After the great initial event last year, Sonja joins the international get together again.

July 2017

  • On July 26th, we at integer_net celebrate our company anniversary! Five years of professional web development with Magento. 

June 2017

May 2017

  • Meet Magento DE is on May 22nd and 23rd in Leipzig. This is an absolute must for our team at integer_net. This year, we offer several talks: Andreas von Studnitz takes part in a panel discussion on the current state of Magento, Fabian Schmengler’s talk about “Magento Test Automation: My Journey” provides a personal perspective, Sandro Wagner takes up the topic “Frontend Development in Magento 2 – The Good, the Bad & the Ugly” and Sonja Riesterer shows how “Content Marketing in practice” can be done even with limited resources.
  • Right after the Meet Magento DE on May 24th, FireGento e.V. organises a training for Magento 2 merchants, project managers and all others who want to learn more about Magento’s admin panel. Sonja Riesterer conducts this one-day training.

April 2017

  • It’s the biggest Magento event of the whole year: Imagine. From April 3rd to 5th Andreas von Studnitz and Sonja Riesterer made use of the opportunity to go to Las Vegas and be in touch with Magento employees and others from the Magento ecosystem. We also made sure not to miss any events, organised around the official conference: the hackathon, Pre-Imagine and the Magento Community Run at Hoover Dam.
  • On April 24th, the Magento Meetup Aachen takes place. Next to a recap of Imagine by Sonja Riesterer we have a talk by Axel Horneff (Code4Business) about ERP extensions and ERP systems on our agenda.

March 2017

  • On 4-5 March integer_net attends MageUnconference in Cologne. We look forward to an open exchange of current topics and are happy to support this event as a main sponsor.
  • As a great way to end this month we have released IntegerNet_Solr for Magento 2. After the success of Magento 1 extension to improve product search you can now easily integrate the open source search engine Solr in your Magento store.

February 2017

  • Now these are some great news! Fabian Schmengler has been chosen to be one of this year’s Magento Masters – an award program by Magento. In the category “Mentors” Magento award him for his extraordinary work for the Magento community. Whether it’s in his blog posts, at speaker engangements or on Magento StackExchange, Fabian is always eager to provide helpful solutions as well as valuable information. Congratulations, Fabian!
  • More of these great news! Sonja Riesterer too has been chosen to be one of this year’s Magento Masters – an award program by Magento. She is awarded in the category “Makers” for contributions to Magento meetups, MageUnconference and diverse talks at Magento events. For us at integer_net this means that we are the only company with two Magento masters in their team. Congratulations, Sonja!
  • The integer_net team grows! Daniel Riemer joins our project management team.
  • On 6 February, we organize the Magento meetup Aachen for an evening filled with developer topics: all developers are invited to share their stories and experiences with Magento 2. Additionally, Fabian Blechschmidt introduces Lizards & Pumpkins to speed up your Magento catalog.
  • This week continues with more Magento events: On 7 February, Fabian Schmengler travels to Paris to Magento Live France to hold a talk about how to port a Magento 1 extension to Magento 2.
  • On 9 February, Andreas von Studnitz is in Munich at the local Magento meetup to talk about his experiences with Magento 2 as a Magento 1 developer.
  • The following day, there is a developer training for Magento 1 developers who want to get started with Magento 2. Andreas is the trainer of this one day training organised by Firegento.
  • We don’t stop with our Magento enthusiasm on the weekend: For a hackathon Fabian Schmengler and Sandro Wagner join Andreas in Munich. Sonja Riesterer takes part remotely.

January 2017

  • We start the New Year with a trip to the Magento meetup in Cologne. Even though the possibility for a BBQ on the roof-deck on 12 January is rather unlikely, we look forward to a talk about Google Tag Manager.


December 2016

  • One of Aachen’s famous attractions is the traditional Christmas market. So when the time has come for mulled wine, the Magento meetup takes place at the Christmas market. On 5 december at 6 o’clock, we meet for drinks outside at Katschhof, located between the city hall and Aachen Cathedral. We are looking forward to see you there!

November 2016

  • On 02 November, we organize the Magento meetup in Aachen. This time, we plan to discuss payment methods in Magento 2. Our special guest is Fabian Glamann (PayPal). In addition, Christian Philipp gives an introduction to other payment types available in Magento 2. Anyone interested is welcoem to join us.
  • MageTitans is a series of events organized by Magento developers for developers. On 12 November the event is back in Manchester. Fabian Schmengler gives a talk on how to port an extension to Magento 2 and Andreas von Studnitz is there, too, to see the top-class talks from well-known Magento experts.

October 2016

September 2016

  • dmexco – that is the biggest exhibition and conference for digital marketing in Germany. On 14-15 September, more than 50,000 visitors are expectected in the halls of Koelnmesse, one of them is our own Sonja Riesterer.
  • On 14 September we launch the new responsive design of Gustini, the online store for Italian food and delicatessen.
  • On 21 September Trink Meer Tee sets sail: this new Magento store offers organic teas, combined with a design that matches its Northern German origin. For this store, we are responsible for both Magento development and responsive templating.
  • Meet Magento Poland takes place on 19-20 September. One of the attendees in Poznań is Andreas von Studnitz, who presents “Magento Worst Practices”.

August 2016

  • On Monday, 29th August, the next Magento meetup in Aachen takes place, this time with talks designed for a technical audience. Robert Douglass from shares his insights of Magento 2 Enterprise Cloud Edition. Fabian Schmengler from integer_net presents “IDE Friendly Code” – tips for a better IDE support in Magento 1 and 2.

July 2016

  • In the beginning of July, the German Magento community gathers in Leipzig to attend Meet Magento Germany. We join the event and also hold talks: Andreas von Studnitz and Fabian Schmengler report of their experiences of porting a Magento extension to Magento 2. You can find the German slides here. On the event’s second day, Andreas holds a talk on online store security. The German slides are available on Slideshare.
  • Right before Meet Magento Germany, Firegento organizes a Magento Hackathon in Leipzig. Sonja Riesterer takes part in the weekend filled with coding.
  • Towards the end of this month, we have a good reason to clink glasses: On 26 July we celebrate integer_net’s four year anniversary. Four years of working together in versatile and exciting projects, four years as a team inside this lively Magento community. Thank you to all who have accompanied us along the way. We are looking forward to the next four years together!

June 2016

  • As attendees, we join the Magento meetup on 20 June in Cologne, organised by Carmen Bremen and Till Hess.
  • Just one week afterwards, we invite everyone interested in Magento to come to Magento meetup in Aachen on 28 June. On this evening, the talks are less technical: Nikolai Krambrock shows ways how to measure how successful a search engine advertising campaign is. Afterwards, Andreas von Studnitz gives a report of Magento Imagine and Magento’s status quo.

May 2016

  • The Dutch edition of Meet Magento invited you to join the event on May 12-13 in Utrecht. Andreas von Studnitz was there, plus had a talk about security in Magento stores (slides).

April 2016

  • This is probably the most important event of this year: Imagine, Magento’s very own event, takes place on 11th – 13th April, with a lot of different talks, evening get togethers and community events. Andreas von Studnitz represents us at this event in Las Vegas as one of more than 2500 visitors.
  • On 18th April, it’s time for the next Magento meetup Aachen. This time we focus on technical topics. Our very own Sandro Wagner presents his Magento 2 frontend workflow. Sven Wappler shares his experiences from his first Magento 2 project.
  • The last week of April takes Fabian Schmengler, Cristina Pisca and Sandro Wagner to Croatia: four days at the Developers Paradise promise a lot of fun in the sun and interesting topics during the sessions. On of them is presented by Fabian, explaining how to port a Magento 1 extension to Magento 2, as he has done with our Solr extension for Magento.

March 2016

  • On March 12th and 13th our whole team is in Berlin to attend the MageUnconference. In contrast to normal conferences, talks are not set prior to the event but on the days’ mornings, based on the attendees proposals. We support this event with a sponsoring as it promotes a free and open discourse among developers, project managers and shop owners which is beneficial to all.
  • Immediately afterwards, Sonja Riesterer sets off to the Meet Magento Sweden in Stockholm, where she represents us with a talk about Product Search in Magento 2.
  • We are also at the Magento meetup in Hamburg: Sonja Riesterer visits her former “meetup home” on 23rd March.

February 2016

  • This month two of us make a trip to the South: Andreas von Studnitz and Sonja Riesterer both hold talks at MageTitans on February 5th in Milan. This event is especially for Magento developers. Last year’s edition in Manchester was a great success thanks to its excellent talks.
  • On February 15th it’s time for the 21st Magento meetup in Aachen. There are two talks on this day’s agenda: Stefan Sauerbier (AOE) presents methods and tipps for agile project management and Sonja Riesterer informs about Magento 2 and its most recent developments.

January 2016


December 2015

  • The 20th Magento meetup in Aachen takes place at the Aachen Christmas Market, following the popular tradition of the last years.

November 2015

October 2015

  • Employment of Sonja Riesterer as Marketing Manager who passes the test for “Magento Certified Solution Specialist” as one of her first tasks.
  • The module IntegerNet_Solr is updated and improved with some new features.
  • 3 members of our integer_net team attend the Meet Magento CH, Sonja Riesterer holds a talk about personas. A part of our team participates at the following Hackathon, too.
  • We finish the relaunch of Villeroy & Boch, implementing a responsive design in a Magento Enterprise Edition.

September 2015

  • The 19th Magento meetup Aachen – we meet at the local cafe & bar called zuhause.

August 2015

June 2015

  • The 18th Magento meetup Aachen takes place.

May 2015

  • The majority of integer_net employees attends the Meet Magento DE in Leipzig.

April 2015

  • The 17th Magento meetup Aachen – this time in our offices

March 2015

  • integer_net is represented at the Mage Unconference in Berlin as a sponsor. Several of us will be there.

January 2015


December 2014

November 2014

  • 5 integer_net team members will participate to the Webcon in Aachen. Andreas von Studnitz gives a lecture on the topic “Magento – an overview”
  • On our Partner Day we had some of our partners come over to explor Aachen and exchange

October 2014

September 2014

  • Andreas von Studnitz will be at the Meet Magento NYC
  • Christian Philipp and Fabian Schmengler pass the test for “Magento Certified Solution Specialist”

August 2014

July 2014

June 2014

  • Fabian Schmengler joins the team as Magento Backend Developer
  • Relaunch of design-bestseller

May 2014

  • Andreas von Studnitz passes the test for Magento Certified Solution Specialist
  • Relaunch of the shop
  • Andreas von Studnitz is participating as a speaker at the Meet Magento NL in Utrecht
  • Lecture on the topic “Importing Products into Magento – A comparison of the different methods” (more information)
  • The whole integer_net team is present on the Meet Magento #8.14 in Leipzig
  • Presentation by Andreas von Studnitz and Nikolai Krambrock (code4business Software GmbH) on “Code Quality with Magento” (German)
  • Employment of Sandro Wagner for Frontend Development and Media Design

April 2014

  • Employment of Cristina Pisca for testing and project management

February 2014

January 2014

  • Christian Philipp is participating at the Magento Developers Paradise in Kaprun
  • Presentation on “Click ‘n ‘ go ? Why shop owners shouldn’t install Magento modules on their own (and should ask experts for it)” (Slides)


November 2013

October 2013

  • Andreas von Studnitz is participating to the MagentoLive UK in London (Our review)
  • Employment of Sören Zorn for Magento Development

September 2013

  • Christian Philipp and Andreas von Studnitz are present on the Magento Developer Conference “Developers Paradise” (Our review)
  • New presentation by Andreas von Studnitz regarding “Analysis of Magento stores ” (Slides)

August 2013

June 2013

April 2013

March 2013

  • Christian Philipp and Andreas von Studnitz are participanting on the Magento Developer Conference “Developers Paradise Winter Edition” (Our review)
  • A new presentation by Andreas von Studnitz about “data import to Magento” (Slides)
  • integer_net is represented at the CeBit at the Magento booth

January 2013


December 2012

November 2012

October 2012

September 2012

  • Andreas von Studnitz is present at the Magento Developers Conference “Developers Paradise” with a presentation about internationalization (Slides)

August 2012

  • Formation of the company integer_net GmbH with four partners
  • Moving into the new office at the airport Aachen-Merzbrück