Nico Schreiber

Software Tester

In training to become an IT Specialist for Application Development

Nico Schreiber is currently completing a professional training to become an IT Specialist for Application Development. Already at the beginning of his training, he was able to gain experience in the area of quality management and discover his interest in the field. Since then, Nico has expanded both his knowledge and skills and thereby developed a something like sixth sense for detecting errors and inconsistencies. At integer_net, he makes use of his abilities to discover room for improvement, helping the team to realise at an early stage during the development process where we should put in more work to ultimately achieve higher quality standards. 

When Nico started with at integer_net, he was not a stranger to the entire team: a colleague who knew him from a job at another company led him to us. Since his first date with us in November 2020, Nico has ensured a high standard of quality, both in our work and in the team’s entertainment.


Main Focus

Quality Assurance


Process Optimisation