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Offer traditional Ayurvedic products that meet modern quality standards accessible to a large audience – this is how Amla Natur’s goal can be described. With a drive for more digitalisation, Amla Natur has transformed from a one-man business to a modern e-commerce company and one of the largest Ayurveda providers in Europe. Since 2015 we support the company’s development of its Magento shops for the B2C and B2B sectors.

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One Magento instance, many facets

With the growing success of the online shops managed by Amla Natur, both the requirements and the maintenance effort increased. Via a central instance this affected a total of eight shops. For this reason the company founded in 1997 decided to work with an agency. For Amla Natur with its Ayurveda marketplace it was important to find an agency that would succeed in transferring the high quality standards to the Magento multistore in the long run. In addition to the Ayurveda marketplace the Magento shop of the Ayurveda Journal of Ayus Publications also runs via this instance. Since the beginning of the cooperation in 2015 we have taken on this challenge and support Amla Natur with its versatile e-commerce presence. 

Based on the Magento Community Edition, at the time of the takeover the shop system mainly contained third-party modules, which in many cases provided more functions than were needed. In order to reduce this increased maintenance effort, we have replaced some of the installed modules with leaner community modules and individual development. In this way, the functions are adapted to the specific requirements and perfectly match to the Magento shop without generating unnecessary effort and costs. 

Search conveniently, inform quickly

Amla Natur offers a wide range of products in both the B2B and B2C sectors. The products are manufactured in the company’s own factory and presented to the customers together with the tradition of Ayurveda in a lovingly designed WordPress blog. This WordPress blog is linked to the Magento store via a module and fits seamlessly into the e-commerce website from the customer’s point of view. In this way, website visitors can obtain more in-depth information and the shopping experience is presented without visual breaks. Visitors to the site now find it easy to acquire further knowledge and news about Ayurveda via the blog to get to know the right products and to make an informed choice what they want. The interest in an uncomplicated exchange of information is also reflected in our cooperation with Amla Natur. For example, we were allowed to take a look behind the scenes on site to learn more about the internal processes. We value this transparency as the basis of the successful long-term cooperation.


Easy shop management, relaxed marketing

To make the online store’s backend more efficient, we have integrated practical aids into the shop. For product maintenance we chose the service Cobby connects the store with Excel. New product entries for the shop can be made quickly in Excel and without long loading or saving times. The order processing is handled in the connected SAP.

Marketing runs neatly and user-friendly via Magento where additional functions have been integrated. Cross sales and newsletters are now easy to create, to name just two examples. This makes content marketing in particular easier and the products can be optimally advertised and presented.

The Ayurveda Journal with Hyvä Themes Frontend

With a print run of 30,000 copies, the Ayurveda Journal of Ayus Publications is published every three months. It offers its readers content about all aspects of Ayurveda. Contributions from experts cover topics such as beauty, medicine, cooking, massage and cures. In the Magento shop with its Hyvä Themes based frontend it is possible to buy individual issues or sign up for subscriptions. Thanks to the new frontend the Magento shop scores with short loading times and a clean design. The optimised performance is also reflected in the Magento shop’s Google Lighthouse score which is the perfect value of up to 100 on mobile devices. In addition, the good performance ensures a lower bounce rate and promotes the conversion rate.


“As a producer of Ayurvedic food and natural cosmetics, we set high standards for the quality of our products. integer_net acts according to the same quality standards and develops sustainable eCommerce solutions for our company. The expertise of the developers and consultants is undoubtedly remarkable. This way, we can always be sure to receive a functioning and profitable solution for every requirement.”

Steffen Werner, Management

Our Projects with Amla Natur

  • Launch of Ayurveda Journal on Magento 2 with Hyvä Themes: The Ayurveda Journal shop now runs on Magento 2 with a fast Hyvä Themes frontend.
  • Integration of a chat widget: For questions about the products or the shop, customers can now contact customer service directly via chat.
  • Linking print and digital magazines: With the linking of print and digital products, it is sufficient to maintain the product information in only one product. This is then automatically transferred to the linked product detail page of the other format.
  • Affiliate programme: For the partners of Amla Natur who successfully recommend the online store, we have integrated a function to indicate the affiliate partner after the order has been completed.
  • Display of stock quantity: The stock quantity of products is now displayed in the frontend for customers so that they are better informed about the stock, e.g. for larger orders.


  • Grouped articles: Many products previously stored as individual items have been grouped together on the basis of a Responsive Template. This gives customers all the options and allows them to choose the right quantity for them.
  • Coring Magento: To reduce the impact of unused functions and modules on performance we “cored” Magento. Meaningful functions were kept, everything else was removed or reduced to what is necessary for the requirements of Amla Natur.
  • Takeover of the Magento shop: Amla Natur chose us as their agency back in March 2015. Initially, the focus was on updating the running online store. In the process, numerous third-party modules had to be taken into account in order to ensure continued functionality.
  • WordPress blogposts in Magento: We have integrated a plug-in that makes it possible to display blogposts from WordPress inside the Magento store.


We have already achieved a lot together, but some bigger challenge with Amla Nature are still ahead of us:


Migration to Magento 2

We are currently working on moving all Magento stores of Amla Natur to Magento 2.


New Frontend with Hyvä Themes

Amla Natur’s multistores are also to get a new frontend. In order to provide the required performance and the desired design, the new frontend will be developed with Hyvä Themes.


Separate B2B shop

Amla Natur wants to be improve its accessibility online for its B2B customers, which is why a B2B shop is planned.

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Christian Philipp

Christian Philipp

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