Medical Highlights Germany

Medical Highlights Germany has been our customer since 2013, just a few months after the founding of integer_net. We provide the company with our technical expertise and development services to support their cause in conquering the B2B e-commerce market for medical instruments.

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Innovative distribution for a traditional sector

Medical Highlights Germany not only operates an online store, but the company also manufactures high-quality medical instruments. Through their e-commerce shop, the company exclusively serves B2B customers, such as doctors, clinics, universities, or medical retailers.

High quality at a fair price – that is what Medical Highlights stands for. As a result, the brand vedena®, founded by Medical Hightlights, enjoys great popularity among doctors in Germany. When specific questions arise, the team of Medical Highlights is available to advise their customers in order to find the right products even for individual requirements. The clear design of the online store and a reliable search function also support the easy ordering process of the desired instruments.

Cooperation at eye level

The company Medical Highlights, located in the south of Germany, is a long-standing customer of ours. It all began with an inquiry from Christine Grünbacher, the person responsible for the online store. She was looking for an agency to take up the task of replacing the previous shop system with a new one – Magento. From the very beginning, the chemistry was just right, we were soon on a first-name basis. The first meeting in Würzburg was soon followed by the implementation of new the online store, based on the Magento Community Edition.

Since the start of the partnership in 2013, we have completed various tasks, including design changes and optimising the security and stability of the shop. Together with the Medical Highlights team, we have implemented new functions in the online store where costs and benefits are in a reasonable ratio. With this strategy, Medical Highlights has successfully expanded its e-commerce revenue.

Excellent customer orientation

With a small team and a growing number of orders, it was important for Medical Highlights to optimize and automate central processes. For this reason we connected the Magento-based shop to the Enterprise Resource Planning System Ansys, so that the transfer of product information from Ansys to Magento runs smoothly and quickly. In the opposite direction from Magento to Ansys, order information is transferred.

A special project for us was the Medical Highlights Newsletter. Since not all medical fields are of interest to every customer – a dentist, for example, does not need instruments for ear examinations – Medical Highlights required a registration in the newsletter which offers the selection of the relevant, specific fields. A pre-selection when registering for the newsletter allows customers from 30 different areas of expertise to register for the topics relevant to them. This enables Medical Highlights to better respond to its customers and to address topics in the newsletter that offer the recipients real added value.

“I liked the team right from the start and my good feeling was confirmed: Even as a smaller customer, I feel honestly advised and well looked after at integer_net.”

Christine Grünbacher, CEO of Medical Highlights Germany


We are planning further projects with Medical Highlights Germany for the future.


Responsive Design

To better support the growing number of visitors with mobile devices, we plan to implement a Responsive Design

Migration to Magento 2

To have a secure basis for the online store in the future, a migration to Magento 2 is planned.

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Christian Philipp

Christian Philipp

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