In 2018 our cooperation with Navabi has started. Within two years we have implemented extensive projects for Navabi, including our first independent Magento 2 store.

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Navabi’s goal: Be the world’s leading source of Plus Size Fashion

Founded in Aachen in 2009, the fashion company Navabi moved its headquarters to Cologne. However, the fashion business does not only operate in Germany, but extends beyond the borders of Europe, with a total of 38 target countries worldwide.

For such a large number of countries and a multitude of customers it is important to be able to rely on a functioning shop. Also, the shop’s security must be guaranteed without affecting the performance. This is why in 2018 Navabi decided to migrate its store to Magento 2 and work with us.

Characterised by a large product catalogue and unique online fashion advisory service, Navabi wants to offer its customers a platform that enables them to develop their own fashion style.

Magento 2 as technical base

Navabi started with a self-developed online shop. With growing demands, Navabi reached the limits of its own platform after almost ten years. The performance of the shop was affected by the technically insufficient platform and requirements such as A/B testing could not be implemented due to the performance.

So it was decided that a new technical basis for the shop was needed. We advised Navabi at this point in time to what extent their requirements for the shop could be provided with Magento, either with the standard services of Magento 2 Open Source, the additional functions of Magento 2 Commerce or with features individually developed by us in addition to Magento. Especially the functional requirements of the marketing department led Navabi to choose Magento 2 Commerce as their e-commerce platform.

Special requirements by Navabi, special projects for us

Due to planned marketing measures, including TV commercials, the project had to be started quickly and appropriate measures had to be set in place to complete the shop on time. In order for the advertising campaign, which was expected to attract a large number of visitors, to have the desired positive effect on brand awareness and reputation, we paid particular attention to the stability of the shop. Communication between Navabi’s internal development team and us was central in the rapid implementation. Questions about existing functions could be clarified quickly and gave us the ability to set the right focus.

The preview function and the dynamic classification of customers into segments were also key factors in the choice of Magento 2 Commerce. Dynamic customer segments allowed customers to be addressed directly according to their interests. To facilitate the implementation of content marketing, the preview function, known as Content Staging & Preview in Magento 2, was frequently used to check every planned change in detail before it is visible to customers. Furthermore, automated tests were used here to ensure that no quality losses are experienced despite the enormous dynamics of content and development.


Joint milestones for the Magento community

Not every target group is happy about changes in design: As the Navabi customer service team reported that a significant number of customers have difficulties using the shop once design updates are implemented, we decided to adopt the design of the old shop for now.

However, with the same design, the technology has changed a lot: For example, we converted the checkout at an early stage of the project based to React to enable a faster ordering process. In autumn 2018, we were one of the first agencies in the European Magento community to take this step.
We shared our experiences from this Magento 2 project with the community: For example, Andreas von Studnitz from our team, together with Sandra Prautzsch, UX Specialist of Navabi, held a talk at Meet Magento Leipzig 2019 about the challenges we faced in the project and how we overcame them.

Our projects with Navabi

  • Launch of the worldwide shops in 38 countries: After the shops in the EU countries were launched in 2019, all remaining instances went live in 2020.
  • Launch of the German shop and all EU countries: The launch of the German online shop followed only a few months after the successful test run of the Austrian version. The remaining EU countries followed shortly afterwards.
  • Integration of Wirecard: Wirecard was integrated for easy credit card payment.
  • Optimisation module for time-controlled loading: The module allows the shop’s loading capacity to be planned in terms of time. This makes it possible, for example, to pause imports in the background during advertising on TV and to increase the performance of the shop accordingly.
  • Product reviews in the order history: We have developed a module which allows product reviews directly in the order history.
  • Integration of the newsletter tool Bronto: For an optimal customer approach, the newsletter tool was integrated directly into Magento.
  • Launch of the Austrian shop: An important milestone for the whole project and a great achievement of our cooperation was the launch of the first shop of Navabi.
  • Implementation of a new checkout: Navabi had precise ideas of their future checkout, which we turned into reality with react.js.
  • Product detail pages structured in three steps: A central product detail page for different sizes and colours provides more clarity. Additionally, all variants are displayed in the search.
  • Integration of the Google Tag Manager: In order to track the performance of the shop, we integrated Google Tag Manager.
  • Connection to already existing systems: With parallel operation, already existing systems for order processing and product management were connected to Magento.

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