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The new Magento frontend Hyvä Themes sets new standards: less complexity and reduced time-to-market. With all the conversations about the potential of Hyvä Themes, it is of course interesting to see how this new frontend is used in real projects.

As co-creator, we have already used the new Magento frontend in the first projects before the official launch. We have implemented various requirements for our clients, who are active in both the B2B and B2C sectors.

Here you can find an overview of these projects with the Google Lighthouse scores for a typical product, category and CMS page. All scores were measured for mobile devices, as the Lighthouse Score is stricter for mobile devices than for desktop.

Ayurveda Journal

In addition to our long-term support of the online store of Amla Natur, we implemented the migration of the online store from Magento 1 to Magento Open Source with Hyvä Themes for the magazine Ayurveda Journal, which is linked to the store.

The special feature of this B2C online store, which specializes in the distribution of magazines, is the subscription function. It enables recurring payments for individual orders, both for customers in Germany and abroad. By using the standard Magento checkout (Luma), the connection to payment service providers was possible without any problems.

Die Ballondrucker

Since 2013 “die Ballondrucker” are our customers: We took over the support of the then Magento 1 online store and developed it further. In January 2021, we completed the migration to Magento 2, where we implemented the Hyvä-based frontend.

At Ballondrucker, the name says it all: In the online store, printed balloons can be ordered, which B2B and B2C customers design themselves. This is made possible by the product configurator for balloons that we implemented, which is also easy to use on mobile devices.


Butterfly offers a wide range of equipment for table tennis. The Butterfly brand of Tamasu Butterfly Europa GmbH uses the online store for direct-to-consumer sales, where customers can find extensive information about the products and thus get an idea of the high quality.

Since the beginning of the collaboration in 2019, we have, among other things, migrated the existing online store from Magento 1 to Magento 2, implementing our customer’s wishes and carrying out optimizations. Above all, special adjustments for the administration play a central role: An interface to the accounting software transmits important data and individual steps of the ordering process were adapted for the different target countries.


The Aachen-based company liNear sells software in the field of Building Information Modeling (BIM) via its B2B store. For us, liNear is proof that the requirements of a B2B online store can also be met with Hyvä.

For this online store we have implemented a connection to a single sign on system, in this case KeyCloak. This allows liNear’s customers to conveniently access various company services with just one account.

The Shop Performance

None of our Hyvä projects is exactly like the other. Nevertheless, there is one unifying element:
The impressive performance of the Magento stores.

Even before Hyvä Themes was officially available, we already completed our first Magento project with such a frontend. From the beginning, we were convinced by the strong performance. In each project, the use of Hyvä Themes significantly improved the site’s performance. In some projects we even managed to achieve the perfect Google Lighthouse Performance Score of 100 for mobile devices.

While many Magento-based online stores with the standard Luma theme as a frontend require a lot of effort to reach the “green area” of the Lighthouse Scores for performance, this is not the case with Hyvä themes. Without any further action, you will see green Lighthouse performance scores out of the box.

Apart from exceptional performance, Hyvä Themes offers several other advantages, making it a very good solution for a wide range of Magento based online stores. You can find more information about it on our Hyvä info page. We will also be happy to provide you with individual consultation.

What is the Google Lighthouse Score?

If you want to check the quality of a website, you can use Google Lighthouse, a free tool provided by Google. The Google Lighthouse Score is the result of this test, which is divided into five categories: Performance, Progressive Web App, Accessibility, Best Practices and SEO.

For each individual page, scores can be determined in these five categories, with separate scores being measured for desktop and mobile devices, which can lead to different results between devices.

For us, the focus is on the Lighthouse performance score, since this is significantly influenced by the theme of the Magento store and is particularly important. This is because both the user experience and the assessment of a page by search engines depend in part on the performance. Poor performance can affect the ranking in the search results of Google and other search engines.

Why do the performance scores differ?

If you check the Google Lighthouse scores of the pages named above, you may see different results. There may be various reasons for this:

  • Performance of the device used
  • Browser extensions
  • Google account synchronization
  • Adjustments in the calculation of Google Lighthouse scores

You can read more on Google’s page about improved web development: web.dev.

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Andreas von Studnitz

Andreas von Studnitz