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We have a long-standing cooperation with the communication company from Switzerland, in which we develop and optimize online shops. Working together for various traditional Swiss companies has brought integer_net and Stämpfli together to form a team that masters a wide range of technical challenges.

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Complementary competences

The cooperation between Stämpfli and integer_net has existed since the founding of integer_net and beyond. In 2010, our co-founder Andreas von Studnitz held Magento developer trainings at Stämpfli and supported the development team during the implementation of their first Magento projects.

With our expertise in Magento, we have been able to support several projects over the years – first with Magento 1, since 2016 also with Magento 2. Stämpfli’s focus on quality and modern technology suits us very well – for example, extensive automated tests (so-called “integration tests”) are used in all of our joint Magento 2 projects.

While project management is carried out by Stämpfli, our developers are seamlessly integrated into the development team. Even though much of our work is done “remotely” from Aachen, regular visits to Stämpfli’s headquarters in the beautiful city of Bern are still part of the process. In addition to project meetings, we also hold Magento training sessions for Stämpfli employees from time to time – for users and for developers.

Traditional Swiss companies: Customers with high standards

The owner-managed Stämpfli AG looks back on more than 200 years of history in Bern. The company, which today operates more and more digitally, has its roots in the printing business. One of its main focuses is still product catalogues – and these are now increasingly being published on the Internet. This is where Magento comes in as a catalogue and shop system, in combination with a product information system.

Stämpfli’s customers are often companies operating in the B2B environment. The products range from shock absorbers and audio accessories to school articles and lamps. The tasks and customer requirements are correspondingly diverse. That is why direct communication with all responsible parties for us is essential to create the right solution.

Bidirectional exchange

The cooperation between Stämpfli and integer_net has proven to be very fruitful for both sides. While Stämpfli benefits from our high-quality code and Magento knowledge, we are given the opportunity to significantly expand our wealth of experience.

This applies on the one hand to the technical side, where Stämpfli has always been one of the “early adopters” and is involved with new technologies at an early stage, for example in “Continuous Integration”, an automated process for quality assurance of the developed code and deployment.

On the other hand, Stämpfli is characterized by highly professional project management, which has a lot of experience in the implementation of IT projects, but at the same time is not afraid to break new ground and adapt modern principles like Scrum.

“With integer_net we are connected by a long-standing, good cooperation, in which we have successfully completed many Magento projects together. We share what we have learned in the process, e.g. in retrospectives. We particularly appreciate the fact that all team members have been able to increase their skills from project to project.”

Christoph Ramseier, Department Head Stämpfli Digital / Member of the Management Board

Our projects with Stämpfli

  • Ribag: RIBAG has launched a new type of luminaire with configurable shape and length. The complex, multi-stage online configurator was programmed and implemented by us.
  • hajk: The online shop of hajk offers outdoor equipment, travel literature, mountaineering equipment, work safety equipment and extensive scout material. In 2019 the shop was newly implemented based on Magento 2. We took over the frontend development. The shop can be reached at www.hajk.ch.
  • RIBAG: The online shop of the provider of professional lighting solutions was implemented in 2017 and 2018 by Stämpfli and integer_net. The shop with four different websites (www.ribag.ch, www.ribag-licht.de, www.ribag.at, www.ribag.eu) includes a sophisticated frontend design and numerous additional functions such as a returns process, order picking and extensive interfaces. In this project we were responsible for the frontend development and most of the backend development.

  • BDK Luminaires: The B2B shop sells lighting products mainly in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Besides the implementation of several interfaces, the special features here were the integration of our own Solr-based search and a function for creating a PDF catalogue. The shop, to which we contributed the frontend implementation and a large part of the backend implementation, can be found at www.bdk-luminaires.ch. The implementation was started in 2016 and went live in 2017.
  • Klotz: Klotz is a market leader in the design, production and marketing of various professional audio and video cables. While Stämpfli shouldered the associated PIM project alone, we developed the complex price calculation and interface connection for the Magento implementation. The B2B shop can be reached at shop.klotz-ais.de/shop/.
  • ACE: Together with Stämpfli we have built an online store for the company specialised in shock absorbers. In this project, which was characterized by demanding requirements, especially in the frontend area, we took over the development of the frontend and various tasks of the back-end implementation. This also included the development of a CMS module in Magento that was specially adapted to the customer’s needs. The shop, which belongs to the world market leader Stabilus S.A., can be found at www.ace-ace.de.
  • KVT: The shop of KVT-Fastening is the epitome of a classic B2B shop from the mechanical engineering sector. We imported the extremely extensive and complex product range via a newly developed interface to the PIM system MediaSolution, which has since been used in various other Stämpfli projects. 2016 the search on Solr basis has been added. The shop can be accessed at www.kvt-fastening.ch.
  • Suisselearn: Suisselearn is the Swiss market leader for school accessories. The shop is the first (and one of the most comprehensive) Magento shop by Stämpfli. It is characterized by an extensive assortment that is different for each of the over 50 affiliated schools in terms of price and selection. Another special feature is the offline mode, which allows the sales representatives to go to the schools and take orders there, even without Internet access.
    The shop can be found at shop.ingold-biwa.ch, but has now been replaced by another solution. We were heavily involved in the initial and further development from 2011 to 2017. The first shop went online in 2012.


One year – one project. We have done well with this basic rule in the past and we look forward to future projects together with Stämpfli. Meanwhile, we help maintain the existing clients’ online stores and improve implemented extensions:


Product export for hajk

In order to bring the hajk products to other marketplaces, an export of the data in special formats is required, through which the information can be automatically transferred to the marketplaces. The kick-off is made by microspot.

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Christian Philipp

Christian Philipp

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