Trink Meer Tee

Presenting a selected assortment of teas with great attention to detail is the mission of the Trink Meer Tee online shop. In our second cooperation with Andreas Brehm’s team, we rely on a design with a high recognition value and clever features.

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Good taste, not only for tea

It’s clear at first glance: Trink Meer Tee not only offers pleasure for the tongue but also for the eye. Each of the organic teas has its own Nordic design which doesn’t stop at the product page, but it extends even to the packaging, the tea tins and matching cups. We implemented these designs in the online store for our client Trink Meer Tee with whom we work together since 2016. For a particularly pleasant shopping experience, the product detail pages are also presented to the website visitors in the look and feel of the respective tea variety.

This high recognition value is also present on the homepage where current highlights are shown. For Trink Meer Tee we have also implemented special ideas full of love for detail for an often neglected part of the shop: After a successful order, the anticipation of the tea drinker is intensified by a confetti cannon configured especially for Trink Meer Tee.

Added value for customers in B2B and B2C

The entire shop design was developed and implemented with easy use on mobile devices in mind. This ensures an optimal display of the content on smartphones and tablets – exactly when guests in hotels and restaurants enjoy a tea from Trink Meer Tee for the first time and order supplies for home. 

Whether it’s loose tea or practical tea bags in lovingly designed packaging, Trink Meer Tee offers sustainable solutions for B2B and private customers. To reach customers outside their online store, Trink Meer Tee uses various social media channels. To support this marketing effort, we have integrated Facebook Pixel in the shop which enables better evaluation and addressing of target groups with dynamic ads. 

Communication and shared information

The product detail pages provide further information on the ingredients of the teas and also contain customer opinions in the form of reviews. The descriptions already create a feeling of the taste experience that one can expect from the teas.

This willingness to share information is also reflected in our cooperation. If a new project is about to start, the team of Trink Meer Tee include their reasons for the specific requirements so we can get a better understanding of what they need and thus provide better advice. Our shared focus is on the quality and long-term performance of the Magento store. In direct exchange with Trink Meer Tee, we determine suitable options that meet the requirements and quickly pay off.

“Trink Meer Tee is already the second project in which I have worked with integer_net. I was immediately impressed by the skills of the staff: They put their heart and soul into it and do everything they can to provide the best possible advice and satisfactorily implement their customers’ wishes. The result is a great shop that reflects the spirit of our company.”

Andreas Brehm, Management

Our projects with Trink Meer Tee

  • Improved security with Secure Cookies: In order to prevent unauthorised third parties from reading cookies we have switched to Secure Cookies.
  • Configuration of the confetti cannon after successful order: Here, the completion of an order is duly celebrated with a confetti cannon developed by us. It shoots confetti across the website as soon as the order is placed.
  • Broadening of the product range: In 2018 new tea varieties were added to the range and we have technically implemented their presentation.


  • Integration of Facebook Pixel via Google Tag Manager: In order to be able to collect relevant data for the online shop and online marketing we have integrated Facebook Pixel via Google Tag Manager.
  • Launch of the shop: In our second cooperation with Andreas Brehm’s team, we have implemented this online shop with an extraordinary design that matches the products.
  • Checkout optimisation: Before the optimisation the checkout stood out due to a long ordering process.This has now been adapted so that the order can be completed in three short steps.

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Christian Philipp

Christian Philipp

Management & Project Management