A good feeling for fine wines and the technical means to serve their customers form the basis for the e-commerce success of Wein-Konzept. We have been supporting this Cologne-based online shop as a technical partner from the very beginning to cater for their customers in the B2B and B2C sectors.

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The passion for wine transferred to the distribution

40 years of experience and a clear corporate philosophy characterise the wine dealer’s concept: quality instead of quantity. In the online catalogue of Wein-Konzept you can find a great selection for little money as well as exclusive treasures from the world of wines.

Ralf Viefhues and his team constantly offer new products and regularly go on discovery tours. The company works with renowned winegrowers to deliver famous wines directly to their customers’ homes. Even wines from smaller wineries, which are real insider tips, find their place in the catalogue of Wein-Konzept. The product range includes European wines from Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal as well as high quality wines from countries such as the USA or Chile.

B2B and B2C trade combined on one platform

The customer base of Wein-Konzept includes wine lovers in the gastronomy, the specialized trade and private customers. The requirements of these target groups differ considerably. An uncomplicated, fast purchasing process that recalls data of the last order is important for B2B customers. Private customers, on the other hand, spend more time browsing through the product range in order to make well-informed choices for their next family meal. Many functions are accessible to all customers. For business customers, however, we have created a separate area that is accessible after a successful verification upon registration. In this way Wein-Konzept can optimally respond to the different needs of its customer groups.

In addition to the implementation of new functions, we ensure that the Magento-based online shop is always technically up to date and carry out relevant updates. Legal security and the performance of the shop are also important areas of responsibility in order to ensure an all-round pleasant shopping experience. In this way, we contribute to the goal of Wein-Konzept to provide a reliable service to their customers.


Years of cooperation and numerous projects

Even before founding integer_net, co-founder Andreas von Studnitz worked for Wein-Konzept as a Magento freelancer. Thanks to the short distance between our agency’s office in Aachen and Wein-Konzept’s headquarter in Cologne, the first meeting was quickly held, forming the basis for the collaboration.

Our agency shares the company philosophy of Wein-Konzept, which is to prefer quality over quantity. It serves us as a guideline for the consulting of the team of Wein-Konzept to show useful measures for the shop. Together we discuss the steps necessary to achieve their goals. Based on our many years of experience, we compare solutions in order to find those that fully meet the expectations of Wein-Konzept and promise an efficient use of the investment. For over nine years this kind of cooperation has contributed to the success of Wein-Konzept.

“No matter what ideas or wishes we have – integer_net always manages to give us perfect advice and then implement it promptly to our absolute satisfaction.”

Ralf Viefhues, Managing Director of Wein-Konzept

Our projects with Wein-Konzept

  • Cookie Content-Tool: We have added a function that allows website visitors to individually agree to or reject the use of different cookies in compliance with GDPR.
  • Weinkreis – Support your local dealer: Weinkreis is a platform that brings together winegrowers, dealers and end customers. Wein-Konzept offers the online platform for this purpose, for which we have created the technical basis for commission payments to partners.
  • Wine tasting by the integer_net team in Cologne: Internalizing the philosophy of our customers has never been as tasty and intoxicating as our team event at Wein-Konzept.
  • Expansion of product reviews: In order to prevent the loss of reviews by constantly changing years of vintage and new products and to ensure their accuracy, we have adapted the functionality of the reviews. The year of the wine is now included in a review, so that the most relevant year of a wine is shown first to website visitors when they read the reviews. This means that customers can still see older reviews of the products, but also know when they refer to a different year of wine.
  • Digital Wine Rack: The “My Wine Rack” function created by us allows customers to view all their orders collectively in a digital wine rack, making it easy to retrieve or reorder information about a particular wine at any time.
  • Responsive Layout: In order to guarantee the functionality of the shop on all devices, we have implemented a Responsive Layout. This means that the shop automatically adapts to the size of the user’s screen and all content is recognizable and accessible to the user.
  • Integration of the blog: Content marketing is also carried out by Wein-Konzept. For this purpose, we integrated a blog into the Magento shop, in which winery profiles and recommendations of the team’s sommeliers are published.
  • One-Step-Checkout: With the One-Step-Checkout implemented by us, customers can complete their orders on one page in just one step where they can see all input fields at a glance.
  • Individual product catalogues: For an optimal presentation of the product range we have created individual product catalogues from the Magento database.
  • Integration of the Feed Generator: We have integrated the Feed Generator for distribution via various channels, including price search engines or marketplaces. It automatically adapts the format of the product data to the requirements of the particular platform and updates the data daily to ensure that it is always up-to-date.
  • Interface to AvERP: We have developed an interface between Magento and AvERP enterprise resource planning system to import product data and stock levels.
  • Interface to Lexware: For the order processing of the platform we have implemented an interface between Lexware and Magento, which transfers the data.
  • Establishment of the new online shop: Andreas von Studnitz has taken over the initial creation of the Magento-based shop of the Cologne-based company Wein-Konzept.

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Christian Philipp

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