What’s unique about integer_net

There are hundreds of agencies worldwide and a few dozen in Germany that offer similar services to integer_net: the implementation of online stores with Magento. Nevertheless, we claim to be different from most other agencies in several respects.

The motivation behind the company’s founding: We want to do it better.

The four founders of integer_net had already worked together in another web agency before founding the company. During this time we realized many points that we want to improve in our own agency. This is above all the management of employees, but also the selection of clients and the importance of both technical infrastructure and personal training.

Unlike many other agencies, we don’t have just one or two people responsible for managing the company, but five: the four founders Andreas, Christian, Lisa and Viktor, as well as Fabian, another shareholder. Some decisions are certainly made more slowly as a result; but we have a built-in safeguard against overly impulsive changes of direction.

Fully focussed on Magento

Extensive experience in Magento development

We have only one focus: Magento. Development with this e-commerce platform and the associated consulting are our profession. We do not use a second shop system, no CMS system, no CRM and no PIM. We do not offer graphic design or hosting. But we are particularly good at what we do.

And if customers need one of the services that we don’t offer ourselves, we usually find someone in our extensive network and among our partners who can help out.

Mature Development Setup

In order for us to be able to focus on development and not constantly have to deal with technical problems, we have invested in the technical infrastructure. We have a very mature development setup based on Docker, which also allows us to set up new projects quickly. We also use Jenkins for automated and standardised deployment.

The most Magento Master awards worldwide

Our (relatively) small agency from Germany holds the a big record: Together, we have gathered seven Magento Master titles by now. Since 2016, 20 people worldwide have received this official title every year as an award for their commitment to the Magento community. We are very proud that three team members have been awarded the title. Everyone in the team who wants to get involved in the community is given the time and opportunities to do so.

Officially Certified

Many team members are officially certified, sometimes several times, as developers and/or as solution specialists. Currently (with 21 team members) there are 15 certifications for Magento 2 – plus another ten for Magento 1. This speaks for the broad know-how that we have acquired over the last couple of years while actively working with Magento.

A selection of our team members’ certifications

Close to the Community

We are very active in the German and international Magento community. We give talks, write blogposts, publish modules and are basically just out and about at community events. And not just one or two of us – at the MageUnconference community event, for example, we are usually there with the whole team. This benefits us and our clients in many ways:  

  • We are up to date on new developments and initiatives.
  • We know many people and know who to approach for special topics.
  • Through our many years of involvement, we have also built up a good relationship with actual competitors, with many developers and with Magento and Adobe. We know many other approaches and exchange experiences.

Our Magento Meetup

The Magento Stammtisch Aachen has been organised by integer_net co-founder Andreas since 2011 – since 2015 also by Sonja, who had previously co-organised the Magento Stammtisch Hamburg. Every two to three months, there are two talks and many discussions at the Stammtisch evening, in which other team members from us also take part. The Magento Meetup Aachen is another factor for our broad-based know-how and our good networking.

An extraordinary team

Our employees

Every single employee has a lot of freedom with us. These are temporal freedoms (flexible start and end of daily working hours as a matter of course, and if you need a break in between, want to run an errand or have to go to the doctor, you can do that without any problem), but also freedoms in terms of working methods or technical equipment. Some of us attend five or more events a year (before Corona), others prefer just one. Everyone can decide whether they want to use their workspace at home for part of the time or (since Corona) exclusively or whether they prefer to come to the office.

That was also a reason for our founding: We wanted to create a pleasant workplace with good working conditions. This principle applies to all employees, which is why they are not so quick to look for another job and stay for a long time.

The foundation of what we do: quality and trust

To ensure that the cooperation runs smoothly – not only within the team – we rely on quality and trust. Our clients must be able to rely on our services, so we do everything we can to ensure that our work is of such high quality that there is no doubt about it. Then it is easier for our clients to trust us. Our long-standing customer relationships show how well this works: We know each other very well, know the challenges of our clients’ daily business and can help them more effectively.

No sales team

We do not have any employees working exclusively in sales. We are convinced that a lot of Magento know-how is important, especially when initiating new projects – and who has that more than the people who have been working on Magento projects every day for several years? So when first getting in touch with us, every new potential client will talk to a Magento professional.

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Christian Philipp

Christian Philipp

Management & Project Management