Work at integer_net

For our small, but great team in Aachen we are looking for new team members to support us in project management and Magento development. Read on to find out what we can offer you apart from interesting tasks.

Personal Advancement

In the IT industry and e-commerce standstill is dangerous. We invest in the development of our team, e.g. with trainings or attendance at conferences. Plus, we share our knowledge amongst each other. With proper documentation, Pair Programming and our weekly “Knowledge Dessert” we transfer experiences and make sure, that everyone is informed about current changes. For us it is normal to learn something new everyday.

Friendly Colleagues

We don’t have after work beers, foosball table or Nerf guns. We still have fun together, for example at the company run, at conferences we attend together or during lunch. We show our special skills, that don’t normally fit on a CV, when we work our way out of escape rooms, at Laser Tag or as BBQ king.

Pleasant Work Environment

Our office in Aachen is the official centre of our work. Here we cook, invite to Magento meetups or create crazy April Fool’s Day fun. You will not find any cubicle here.
The office is located in Aachen’s industrial area Rotter Bruch. A bus stop around the corner makes for an easy connection to the city center. The athletes of the team enjoy a shower. Foodies find a fully equipped kitchen.

Flexible Work Hours

Everyone of us as a life outside of the office and not everyone likes to arrive at their desk at 8 o’clock in the morning. With flexible work hours and the option to work in your home office, we can accommodate for different time management schemes.

This might fit

If you get the impression that you might fit right in and we would be a good fit for you,
then we would love to meet you.
All details regarding open positions and contact details can be found here: