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Mage Unconference 2018 aftermath

On the weekend of 27 and 28 October, Mage Unconference 2018 took place in Cologne, Germany (or Köln for the connoisseurs). Integer_net did not only attend with 10 out of our 12 employees, but for the 4th year in a row, we were a proud main sponsor of the event. A...

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Conference Speaking Checklist

As a somewhat frequent public speaker, I have an internal checklist, besides actual preparation of the presentation. Over time, the list grew longer and longer, as I noticed things at conferences that I would have liked to know in advance. So I’m writing it down to...

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Our team enjoys going out to conferences, especially to the Magento events in Germany. For many years we are regulars at Meet Magento DE, each year a major part of our team is there – as visitors, speakers, and as organisers of side events, such as MageRun or Welcome Wagon for conference newcomers.

Apart from these German Magento events, we are also at international conferences, for example at the events Magento officially organises like Magento Imagine and Magento Live.
Some events we attend to gain insights thanks to outstanding presentations, others we go to in order to catch up with others and to grow our network. Here, we note down what we experienced, heard and learned.