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Theme Refactoring

A very common issue in 2014 was „I updated to Magento 1.8 and now my (login|cart) form is not working anymore". The reason for this happening was that starting with Magento 1.8, the form key was used in more forms as a security feature (it prevents CSRF attacks). But...

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In the category “Frontend” you find blog posts that involve anything visible to the store’s customers in the frontend, as well as configurations and adjustments that have an immediate impact on visible parts of your store. The texts about User Interfaces (UI), User Experience (UX), optimization of navigation and technical aspects, such as a frontend development workflow to work on templates for Magento 2 are listed in this part of our blog.

Here, you can also read about our latest works with Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and Deity, a headless approach that uses the API of Magento 2 or another ecommerce platform.