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Miles & More Integration in Magento

Customer loyalty programmes are a useful tool to tie customers tighter to the own brand and to generate more sales with lower customer acquisition costs than it would be necessary to gain a new customer. That is a reason why programmes, that reward customers for their...

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Decorators for Magento Templates

A decorator is a class that wraps another class, implements the original interface, delegates method calls to the original class, but may modify the return values or add additional methods. The Decorator design pattern is one of the original design patterns for object...

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View Models in Magento 1 and 2

Magento 2.2.0 and 2.2.1 made some interesting changes to the layout system, with the goal to make the inheritance based block system redundant: all blocks are automatically considered of the “Template” type if not specified otherwise classes can be injected via layout...

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Magento 1 was published in 2008. In the beginning, the software built its fanbase with its innovative features, which enabled international merchants and the use of complex product types. The lively community of Magento around the globe has added features, created helpful tutorials and more.

In the last couple of years, we have written quite a few articles about Magento 1 for our blogpost. And the number keeps growing, even though the age of Magento 2 has come. There are still news around Magento 1 that are worth writing about. And even the approaching End of Life, the day when Magento officially stops supporting Magento 1 with security updates, will probably not be the end of Magento 1. Already these days, initiatives are growing that plan to keep Magento 1 alive.