Photos from Christmage

Pictures or it didn't happen? Christmage sure did happen! On Monday, 4th December we had a lot of fun at Christmage, the extended Christmas edition of our Magento Meetup Aachen. If you want to know more about Christmage, the speakers and discussions we had and our...

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This was MageTestFest

From November 15th to 18th, MageTestFest took place in Amersfoort, near Amsterdam, organized by Yireo. It was a one-time event, divided into workshops, conference and contribution day, all around one single topic: Testing! And Magento, of course, as the "Mage" might...

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Magento 2.2: Configuration via Code

Magento 2.2 introduced a new feature regarding configuration values. Usually, configuration values are stored in the database and defined in the Magento admin area. However, setting the configuration with code has one huge advantage: Code can be stored in the...

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