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Testing Date And Time with Clock Objects

Did you ever write unit tests for code that dealt with date and time? Since time itself is out of your control, you might have used one of these approaches: Test doubles, e.g. for the DateTime class in PHP. To make this work, DateTime or a factory thereof must be...

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This was MageTestFest

From November 15th to 18th, MageTestFest took place in Amersfoort, near Amsterdam, organized by Yireo. It was a one-time event, divided into workshops, conference and contribution day, all around one single topic: Testing! And Magento, of course, as the "Mage" might...

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Testing is an integral part of software development if you want to maintain a high level of quality and stability. That is why we spent time and thoughts on how we can improve our own testing, especially automated testing. Automated testing should not be overlooked, for example when it’s not just about Magento but if changes could possibly affect the data in connected systems, too.