Interface Development for Magento

Some modules which are most often asked for are interfaces. Almost every substantial Magento shop is linked to an ERP (enterprise resource planning) or another system.

Oftentimes it is not possible to use a standard Magento module in such an environment. Many ERP systems are tailored to the respective customer, so a generic solution will be insufficient, making each project distinctly individual.

Connection Options

There are many ways in which Magento can communicate with another system, e. g. an ERP system or a newsletter application:

  • One frequent solution is based on structured text files, e.g. in the XML, JSON, oder CSV format. A solution of this kind has the advantage of  being supported by almost any system. The text files are stored by one system in a predefined directory on the Magento server and then imported by the other system. Comprehensive logging and troubleshooting routines are a must. We have followed this approach successfully with a number of projects.
  • Data exchange via web services, e.g. SOAP, REST, oder XML-RPC, requires more sophisticated technology. In a case like this, one system must be standing by as a server for requests. Magento offers a generic interface for this, which can be upgraded by us. Web services is another field in which we have gained extensive experience.


We have previously developed interfaces for the following systems:

  • Sage Office Line
  • SAP Business 1
  • proALPHA
  • eNVenta
  • Lexware
  • mediaSolution