Hyvä FAQ

Here you will find an overview of answers to frequently asked questions about Hyvä, regarding the compatibility of Hyvä Themes, technical background information as well as the purchase of this Magento frontend.

General Information about Hyvä

What is Hyvä?
When we say “Hyvä” for short, we mean “Hyvä Themes”. Hyvä Themes is a new frontend for Magento 2 that fixes the performance issues of the traditional Magento 2 frontend and offers a significantly improved developer experience through the use of modern technologies such as TailwindCSS and AlpineJS.
What does the term "Hyvä" mean?
Hyvä is the Finnish word for “good”. It also means “desirable” or “advisable”.
How is Hyvä pronounced?
In IPA phonetic transcription, Hyvä is written like this: [ˈhyʋæ]. In English, it could also be described as “hoo-vuh”. Here is a sound sample: Hyvä pronunciation
Who is behind Hyvä?
The inventor of Hyvä is our colleague Willem Wigman. We support him as a technical partner and “co-creator”. Since July 2020 integer_net contributes a lot of code and documentation in the development of Hyvä.
How is the better performance achieved?
Mainly through less code. TailwindCSS allows for much smaller CSS files that only contain the directives that are really used. Furthermore, JavaScript is only used where it is really necessary, which reduces the overhead.

Other important factors are the reduction of the number of layout blocks and the consistent use of ViewModels instead of blocks.

Where can I find a demo shop?
The demo shop can be found at hyva.io. It is currently not up to date and will be updated for the release of 1.0.
There are Hyvä Themes, Hyvä Admin and Hyvä Checkout. How are these related?
The core is Hyvä Themes, the new frontend for Magento 2.

Hyvä Checkout is intended to be used as a checkout with Hyvä Themes – however, it can also be used independently of Hyvä Themes and there is also the option of using alternative solutions for the checkout in conjunction with Hyvä Themes.
Hyvä Admin is an open source project inspired by Hyvä Themes, started by Vinai Kopp. It is a modern way to create custom tables and forms in the Magento admin area. It does not aim to rebuild the existing admin area, but to simplify the development of custom components and to make the development process more comfortable for developers by not using UI components.


Is Hyvä compatible with Magento 2 OpenSource?
Hyvä Themes is compatible with Magento OpenSource from 2.4. version upwards.
Is Hyvä compatible with Adobe Commerce (fka Magento 2 Commerce)?
Yes, you can use Hyvä Themes in your Adobe Commerce project. Check the feature matrix first to find out which Adobe Commerce features are already implemented: Hyvä Themes Feature Matrix
What Magento features does Hyvä support?
On our Hyvä page you find an overview of features supported by Hyvä. There is also PDF of the overview available to download.
Is Hyvä compatible with other modules?
All modules that do not influence the frontend are compatible with Hyvä. For other modules, the frontend output needs to be adapted. The community has already created an overview of often required extensions and their status regarding Hyvä compatibility. You can see the overview here: Hyvä Compatibility Module Tracker
With a little Hyvä experience, creating your own compatible modules is no problem – often 80-90% of the JavaScript code can simply be copied.


How do I get access to Hyvä?
Licence holders will be able to install Hyvä via Private Packagist – after purchasing a licence they will receive a link to it.
Partners will have direct access to Gitlab and will be able to follow the current development and contribute to the development via merge requests. Installation instructions are available in the documentation. All licence holders and partners of Hyvä have access to the documentation.
Does Hyvä Themes also include a checkout?
No, the checkout is separate. Due to the significantly increased complexity compared to the rest of the frontend, a different technical approach is necessary. This was implemented in Hyvä Checkout, which is compatible with Hyvä Themes.
What options are there to combine Hyvä Themes with a checkout?
With Hyvä Themes, in principle any Magento 2 checkout can be used, e.g.:

Which payment methods are supported?
This depends on the selected checkout.

  • Luma Checkout and OneStepCheckout: all payment methods that support Magento 2.
  • Hyvä Checkout: Currently Mollie; others will follow. Integration is relatively easy, provided the payment module supports Magento’s GraphQL interface.

Also see the Compatibility Module Tracker to check for other checkout options.

Business Questions

How much does Hyvä Themes cost?
The licence for Hyvä Themes costs a one-time fee of 1.000 € per project.

The licence includes the live shop and any number of development and test systems.

For whom is Hyvä Themes the right solution?
The primary target group is small and medium-sized retailers, who benefit from the increased performance, the better developer experience and the lower implementation costs.
The advantages of Hyvä are also worthwhile for larger shops. If they use Adobe Commerce (fka Magento 2 Commerce), they should check which features they plan to use and considering these may want to wait a little longer because Hyvä’s Adobe Commerce (fka Magento 2 Commerce) compatibility is not yet complete.
Can I test Hyvä before I decide to buy a licence?
No. However, it is possible to get a refund of the licence costs within 14 days of purchase.
Can I get a developer training on Hyvä?
For the future, we plan ‘getting started packages’ that include introductory training, the opportunity to get questions answered, and code reviews. Until then, you are welcome to enquire directly with us via the contact form (at the bottom of this page).

In principle, however, it is also possible to get started with Hyvä without training, thanks to the detailed documentation and manageable complexity.

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Andreas von Studnitz

Andreas von Studnitz