Monday, 22nd May 2023

07:00 PM CEST – 10:00 PM CEST
05:00 PM GMT – 08:00 PM GMT

What is Hyvä Meetup about?

Hyvä Meetup is a virtual event for everyone who is interested in Hyvä for Magento. Why should one consider Hyvä for a Magento based online-store? What does a team need to implement a project with Hyvä? How can extensions be made compatible with a Hyvä Themes frontend? What are the experiences other first-time users make with Hyvä?

These and other questions around Hyvä are more than welcome at Hyvä Meetup. Here you will get answers and the opportunity to discuss ideas around this new Magento frontend approach.
Organised by integer_net, the main partner and co-creator of Hyvä Themes, Hyvä Meetup enables collaboration and knowledge sharing for the benefit of the Magento Community.


Want to share your experience during the next meetup?

We are happy to hear from anyone who wants to share their experience with other attendees. You are unsure whether you can fill a whole time slot or if the topic is a good fit for the Hyvä Meetup? Then get in touch with us and we’ll find out together. Just send us an email at and we will get back to you.

Good to know

Will the event be recorded?

For presentations and if the speaker agrees to it, recordings are possible. There will be no recordings of the discussions among attendees happening later during the meetup.

Will the event be in English?

Yes, this event is intended for a broad audience so the event will be in English.

How long will the event be?

From the official welcome to the official closing, the event will take 1,5 to 2 hours. We have scheduled some time afterwards for people to chat and hang out online. You can join and leave the event anytime.

How can I take part?

You can join us from all over the world and stay at your favourite place at the same time. Isn’t that great? Just grab a drink and some snacks and enter the Hyvä world. All you have to do is to register for the event and attend. Let’s talk about Hyvä and all its advantages and features. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Recaps of the past Meetups

Recap of the first Hyvä Meetup, May 19th 2021

Even though external circumstances made it necessary anyway, we were very happy to organise the first Hyvä Meetup as an online event. This was a significant advantage because it allowed interested people from many different countries to attend. We were able to win two experts as speakers: Firstly Ryan Copeland, Director at Foundation Commerce, showed us his Hyvä Case Study on In addition John Hughes, Technical Director of Fisheye, gave us an overview of his work with Page Builder and Hyvä Themes.

You would like to know more?

In our blog you will find the recordings of the two talks and much more information:

The second Hyvä Meetup, November 3rd 2021

The Hyvä Meetup took place online this time as well, so that the curious could spontaneously join in at short notice. This time, we had four experts as guest speakers:
Ian Rushton from Develo Design in the UK kicked things off by showing us the project “Made With Love and Sparkle”. After that, we were joined by two speakers: Danny Verkade and Edwin Bos from Cream in the Netherlands presented their showcase entitled “Creme de la Cream: Isenvi healthy cookware”.
The Irish store and its technical background was shown to us by Anastasia Bondar from Space 48 afterwards. The last of the bunch was our colleague Ina van der Biesen: Her presentation was about our project Highlite, a store that was one of the first to try out Hyvä Themes.


The third Hyvä Meetup, February 22th 2022

The third Hyvä Meetup also took place as an online event and, as with the first two Meetups, we were again able to welcome guests from many different countries to our virtual showroom. The topic was “Extensions” for Magento shops with Hyvä frontend.

The main part of the evening consisted of two expert presentations: Vinai Kopp from Hyvä gave a presentation on “Extensions Compatibility” and Romain Ruaud from ElasticSuite spoke on the topic “Making Elasticsuite compatible with Hyvä, why and how?”.

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Recap of the fourth Hyvä Meetup, July 6th 2022

At this Meetup, it was not the community but the Hyvä Themes team that presented the talks. Vinai Kopp presented the roadmap of Hyvä Themes. Afterwards, Willem Poortman and Willem Wigman showed the current status of Magewire Checkout. After both presentations, there was plenty of time for Q&A so that all questions from the audience could be answered.

You would like to know more?

In our blog you will find the recordings of the two talks and much more information:

The Fifth Hyvä Meetup, October 20th 2022

With Hyvä Themes having just reached the milestone of 1000 uses in live shops according to Builtwith, it was only fitting to show projects to the community again at this Hyvä Meetup.
Alex Galdin, Frontend Developer at IT Delight, gave insights into working on the B2B store for Knüppel Verpackung, a client of ours.
Irina Smidt, Magento developer at CustomGento, showed the successes of SunLiner, a B2B and B2C retailer specialising in parasols and umbrellas.
Finally, Marc Bernabeu, Technical Product Owner at Onestic, explained how they implemented their processes to be able to create new frontends with Hyvä within a short timeframe with more reuseable components. As an example, he showed the B2C store Lola Home.


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