There is a new Magento event around the corner that has people all excited. It’s called Magento Live Europe and takes place on 9-10th October 2018. Heard that before? Not quite. After Magento Live UK, Magento Live Germany and Magento Live France, this event aims for something bigger. Uniting the old continent so to speak.

Magento Live Europe is one of the few Magento events that is officially organised by Magento. Since it takes place in Barcelona, you can be sure to meet many Magento employees there as Magento has an office in Barcelona.
Andreas von Studnitz and Sonja Riesterer from our team will be at Magento Live Europe to pick up all the news and to connect with other attendees.

What to expect

While Magento Live events have been known to have a greater focus on Magento Commerce – compared to Meet Magento events – and to bring together more Magento partners, Magento Live Europe at this time seems to offer a lot of content also for those who do not work with Magento Commerce.

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The Adobe Deal

At Meet Magento Germany, the closing of the deal between Magento and Adobe was announced. I expect to hear some more particulars in Barcelona, now that people are no longer required to keep quiet like they were before the deal was finalised.
Recently, we heard that Magento’s offices in the Ukraine will be closed. The development team that is currently located in Kiev – one of Magento’s homes – is partly relocated to join other development teams in Austin, Texas. Also, Magento’s office in Philadelphia is said to close in January 2019. After taking over RJMetrics, which is now Magento Business Intelligence, the team working on this product stayed in their office in Philadelphia. Now this era is about to end.
In addition to a worried reaction to these news, the community has openly voiced their concerns about the future of the Magento brand. Will the logo, the name or the colour be exchanged for something in red square form with a different name?

Magento 2.3

When it comes to Magento’s ecommerce platform, I’m sure we will see a detailed presentation of Magento 2.3. The release was announced for autumn 2018. That coincides nicely with the Magento Live Europe dates, doesn’t it?

Many of the announced features will be part of Magento Open Source.

Magento Association

The Magento Association brainstorming sessions took place in June and it grew a bit quiet around the newly to be formed association. Since the plan is to set the association up by the end of 2018, I expect some more info around it at Magento Live Europe.

Rocking the stage – the VIP

At Magento Imagine, there usually is a famous person who will be on stage during the general session. In a talk or an interview, these persons share their nuggets of wisdom and at the same time entertain the audience. It looks as though Magento Live Europe follows in the footsteps of its big sister event:
Bruce Dickinson, the frontman of Iron Maiden, will be on stage.

More than a conference

Could you really go to a city like Barcelona and not spend some time outside the conference venue? Certainly not. I know from previous experience that Barcelona is absolutely worth a trip. My personal plans therefore include a trip to the La Sagrada Familia that I missed to see during my last visit. If you are in Barcelona and want to go with me (either Monday, late on Wednesday or sometime Thursday), send me an email!

But there are more side events to be aware of:

Magento Contribution Day

For a some time now, the recurring Magento Contribution Days in different cities or even remote have offered the possibility to directly engage with Magento’s Community Engineering team and to work with others on your own pull request for Magento. On 8th October in Barcelona, there’s a chance to have a hands-on experience of working on the Magento core.

At the time of writing, there is no website yet to book tickets. We will update this as soon as it changes.

Pre Magento Live

It wouldn’t be a Magento event without a party. Of course there is the official after show event after the first conference day. But there will also be an excellent opportunity to meet other people of the Magento sphere before the actual conference at the preparty on 8th October.

The tickets will be limited, so if you plan to attend, make sure to keep an eye on social media or the website so you don’t miss it when ticket sale starts.

Sponsored by integer_net

Like the contribution day, Pre Magento Live is organised by the Magento agency interactiv4. They put a lot of effort into creating two great events for people learn more about Magento and to build connections with like-minded folks. Therefore, we have decided to support both the Contribution Day and Pre Magento Live as a silver sponsor. We are looking forward to a great time with the community!

If you’d like to meet at Magento Live Europe, drop us a line at We’d be happy to meet you there!

Sonja Franz

Author: Sonja Franz

Sonja Franz is the Head of Communications at integer_net. She especially enjoys organising events. Sonja is a Magento Certified Solution Specialist for Magento 1 and Magento 2 and has been awarded as a Magento Master in the category “Maker” in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

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