In about two weeks we reach one of the highlights in our event calendar. No, we are not talking about carnival here, even though this event takes us to Cologne, the capitol of carnival. Instead we go to MageUnconference. Like the last two years we support this event as a main sponsor and will be there with the whole team.

What is MageUnconference?

Just as it happened in the previous years this is a weekend long meeting for Magento enthusiasts. Unlike a hackathon there won’t be any coding. Unlike a conference there is no previously set schedule of talks. At both days of the MageUnconference, all attendees gather together in the morning to propose topics and talks, find matching speakers and then vote for the topics that sound the most intriguing to them. The topics with the most votes are put together as that day’s session plan.

Voting in progress for MageUnconference talks (photo by Büro 71a)

More Time for the important parts of life

An advantage of this procedure is the schedule that is filled with topics which are up-to-the-minute. In a fast moving environment such as e-commerce software that is a great plus. In addition, Sunday offers the time and place to address ideas and questions that have just come up on Saturday. The voting makes sure that only those talks are held that the attendees are interested in.
Since several talks are held at the same time, each attendee can choose for herself or himself – more often then not that you are spoilt for choice. Last year there were so many interesting topics that without further ado another track was added.
And that is very typical of MageUnconference, too: The organisers (I am one of them ;)) welcome all change requests express by the attendees and try to quickly implement a good solution.

Time for communication

At MageUnconference the time between two sessions is valuable. Instead of rushing from one room to another, there is a half hour break between each two sessions. Since it is more important to let things sink in and talk about it to other compared to just listening to a talk.
The 110-odd attendees spend the pauses in a lively exchange. If you are new to Magento and would like to meet others in the Magento sphere, at MageUnconference that is easier to do than at other conferences.
The complete MageUnconference is in English so next to the many German participants other nationalities can join, too. Thanks to the proximity of the Dutch border, this year a lot of developers from the Netherlands attend the event.

Community from morning to night

When the last session is finished, the day is not over yet. On Friday evening many attendees get together at the pre-party. As the winter months usually offer few conferences, this evening at the beginning of spring feels like a class reunion where you see many familiar faces you haven’t seen in a while.
On Saturday evening all attendees are invited to the after show party, a tradition held dear. During dinner and drinks there is plenty of time to chat with others, discuss ideas and have a good time.

Get-togethers at MageUnconference are not limited to the evening (photo by Büro 71a)

The event takes place at Startplatz, a coworking space for start-ups, centrally located in Cologne. A walking tour in the Rhine metropolis, especially in the late hours of the day when all bridges are illuminated, suggests itself.
We look very much forward to support the community at this event. After the great experience of last year’s edition we are positive about returning from Cologne with a lot of new ideas how to improve our work.

Sonja Franz

Author: Sonja Franz

Sonja Franz is the Head of Communications at integer_net. She especially enjoys organising events. Sonja is a Magento Certified Solution Specialist for Magento 1 and Magento 2 and has been awarded as a Magento Master in the category “Maker” in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

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