These two have become a quite inseparable tradition: The conference Meet Magento DE in Leipzig and the MageRun. The latter is a morning run in the green areas of Leipzig, open to any attendee of Meet Magento DE. Like last year, our team will organise the MageRun 2019.

In short:

Meeting Point: MotelOne Nikolaikirche and Kongresshalle
Time: 3rd June, 7:00 a.m.
Destination: Rosental
Distance: 9 km (shortcuts possible)

Who can take part in the run?

At MageRun, anyone who would like to discover Leipzig “on the run” is welcome. The planned route is about 9 km (5.5 miles) long and can be shortened to whatever distance you like.
Rosental is a mixture of a park and a forest with lots of different trails that allow you to adjust the distance without the need to do a cross-country run. If you realise during the first half that you’d rather opt for a shorter distance, you can take a shortcut and meet the other runners later on their way back at Zöllnerweg.

When does the MageRun take place?

We meet on at 7 o’clock on Monday, 3rd June. Since the conference registration is open from 9 to 10:30 a.m. and the opening session starts at 10:30 a.m, we have plenty of time for a nice jog and freshening up afterwards.

How long does the run take?

The distance of 9 km can be run in about an hour. However, we calculate with 1.5 hours: First, we stop to pick up other runners; then there’s a possible detour to the Wackelturm, a look-out with a beautiful view over Leipzig – definitely worth a short break and some steps.

Where does the route run to?

We start in Leipzig’s city center in front of the Motel One Nikolaikirche. Then we run to Kongresshalle (congress hall), the event location, to pick up people who stay further north of the city center. The Kongresshalle is next to a peaceful scenery of meadows and forest: Rosental (rose valley) with Leipzig’s floodplain forest.
In this green lung of the city we first run along the northern edge towards the western end. Then we run along the southern parts back east. En route we pass the Wackelturm.

Outlook on Leipzig

If you have sufficient power in your legs, climb the stairs to the Wackelturm which is 20 m high and enjoy the view over the city.

Next to this literal highligh to our route, we also pass the Leipzig Zoo where you might be able to see one of the early birds among the animals. Those of us that run the whole 9 km distance get to see the Rosental pond. The route is mainly on walks in wodden areas or surrounded by lawn.

Where can I get more information?

In the upcoming weeks until the run, we will post more information on Twitter using the hashtag #magerun. We will also remind you to bring your running shoes and clothing with you.

Not everyone is on Twitter. So like last year, we offer a WhatsApp group for information at short notice. Enter your name and mobile number here and you won’t miss any information about the run!

Sign up for the WhatsApp group

Data Processing

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Your mobile number will not be passed on and it will only be used for communication regarding the run in a WhatsApp group chat. Our organisers will share their location in this group, so anyone who doesn’t make it on time to the meeting point can join us later.
The Whatsapp group will be created on the weekend before Meet Magento DE and will be deleted on Tuesday after the run.

We look forward to a great run and wish you a happy training period until then!

Impressions from last year

Sonja Franz

Author: Sonja Franz

Sonja Franz is the Head of Communications at integer_net. She especially enjoys organising events. Sonja is a Magento Certified Solution Specialist for Magento 1 and Magento 2 and has been awarded as a Magento Master in the category “Maker” in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

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