On March 12th and 13th 2016 we had the second MageUnconference which took place in Berlin. Contrary to a “normal” conference, topics at an UnConference are determined spontaneously – they are proposed in the morning and elected by the participants. We have written more about the concept of an unconference in a separate blog post.


Similar to 2015 there were about 100 participants, mostly from Germany and the Netherlands, but also from other european countries. There have been employees of small and medium agencies and merchants as well as freelancers foremost: developers, project managers, QA and marketing managers. According to that, the topics on both days were very mixed:

Programm Day 1

Programm Day 2

The topics included both technical and non-technical talks and discussions. For the first time there was a focus on Magento 2, but also Magento 1 topics and more ore less Magento independant topics were very popular.

Special Guest: Ben Marks, Magento Inc.

For the first time, an employee of Magento was present at a Magento Unconference: Ben Marks, Community Evangelist. He played an active role in many discussions and picked up a lot of input and suggestions from the community.

Very remarkable: his participation in the discussions about the future of Magento 1 after the release of Magento 2. While the current status of Magento 2 was discussed controversial, a possible future support and further development of its predecessor must come from the community. Possible approaches have been reviewed in a very open and constructive atmosphere.

Ben Marks’ conclusion about the MageUnconference was very positive, as he stated in personal conversations as well as openly. Due to this we assume that the Unconference will play a role in influencing the Magento 2 product and the perception of different topics inside of Magento Inc. in a positive way.

integer_net at the MageUnconference

We played an active part at the MageUnconference 2016, not only by sponsoring. All eight team members were present. integer_net on the way to the MageUnconference Sonja was on-site since Thursday as a part of the organizational team while the rest of the team arrived on Friday. Besides the moderation of different discussion rounds, there were four talks from our ranks:

“Magento 2 Frontend Workflow” with Sandro Wagner und Fabian Schmengler

“Tax Configuration for B2B and B2C” with Andreas von Studnitz

“Dynamic Content with Varnish” with Fabian Schmengler (and Nils Preuß)

“Embracing Change” with Sonja Riesterer

Black and White

Compared to last year there were a few changes, mostly due to the changed location. The new venue at the FU Berlin was more central, but also a bit restricted. As the weather wasn’t as nice as last year, it wasn’t possible to have sessions outside. Thanks to the flexibility of the organizers it was possible to add a forth track with some more discussion topics spontaneously on the second day. As the event’s highlight we see the willingness of the generally open-minded participants to share their knowledge. The atmosphere was great despite a certain uncertainty regarding Magento 2 which shined through now and then.


Thanks to near-perfect organiation and active participants, the MageUnconference was (as last year) a very interesting and open event. We picked up many impressions and ideas. Especially the discussions, with or without Ben Marks (who clearly enriched the event), have been very constructive and honest. We are happy that we could play an active role with organization, sponsoring and participation. We will be present next year again.

Andreas von Studnitz

Author: Andreas von Studnitz

Andreas von Studnitz is a Magento developer and one of the Managing Directors at integer_net. His main areas of interest are backend development, Magento consulting and giving developer trainings. He is a Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer Plus and holds several other Magento certifications for both Magento 1 and Magento 2. Andreas was selected as a Magento Master in 2019 and 2020.

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