Once upon a time at Christmage, a certain bearded Dutchman announced that he would meet with an American called James Zetlen for a hot drink. The latter is The Dutchman, also known as Magento Master Jisse Reitsma, invited anyone interested to join the meeting.

As it turned out, many people were interested. So this meeting over a cup of coffee grew into a specialised conference, Reacticon. The Magento world was so receptive to the idea of a conference concentrating on Magento frontend technology topics that Reacticon was sold out.
The success of the first edition led Jisse to stage a second one, only six months later.

Reacticon v2 released only 6 months later

Reacticon version 2 takes place on October 4th-5th in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Since Reacticon v1, a lot has happened. Deity, FrontCommerce, VueStorefront and others have developed solutions for a faster Magento store frontend.
My colleague Sandro Wagner wrote down his impressions of Reacticon in March, listing all noteworthy projects. Now Reacticon v2 offers the opportunity to check in with all those pioneers to find out how mature their projects are now.

Almost every Magento conference this year had at least a few talks on PWA, some even dedicated a whole track to frontend topics. Why all this buzz? Well, Magento 2 frontend development can be quite challenging to say the least. You can find more about it on our blog.
It has become apparent that another solution is needed. Magento itself is working on a PWA studio to help create alterantive frontends.

The talks

Next to the often underestimated hallway track, this conference offers one track with high-quality speakers: James Zetlen, Frontend Architect at Magento, will hold a talk as well as Andrew Levine, Magento’s PWA Architect. Also Eric Erway, Senior Product Manager at Magento, will present. Last but not least Jisse Reitsma is sure to take the stage, too. As you can see, the stage is mainly given to Magento employees so we look forward to hear some official announcements regarding the future of Magento 2 frontend.

Already announced actions

One announcement has already been made: Deity plan to release their open source version at Reacticon v2.

integer_net supports Reacticon

Our team will be represented in Eindhoven by Andreas von Studnitz, Willem Wigman, Sandro Wagner, Fabian Schmengler and me. We look forward to attending the conference and its side events. As a support sponsor, we at integer_net are happy to facilitate this knowledge exchange.
So if you are in Eindhoven and want to talk about Magento 2 frontend development, PWA or React, please reach out to us!

Sonja Franz

Author: Sonja Franz

Sonja Franz is the Marketing Manager at integer_net. She especially enjoys organising events. Sonja is a Magento Certified Solution Specialist for Magento 1 and Magento 2 and has been awarded as a Magento Master in the category “Maker” in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

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