On the 3rd November 2021, the second Hyvä Meetup will take place. This November, it’s time to show off!
But what’s Hyvä Meetup about? It’s an online meetup intended for anyone interested in Hyvä. integer_net acts as host and organiser of the meetup. Once again speakers from renowned ecommerce agencies will present their showcases and share their knowledge with the community:

  • Ian Rushton, Senior Magento Developer at UK based agency Develo Design will present the case study of Made With Love and Sparkle, a Magento based online store they recently implemented with Hyvä Themes as a front end.
  • Next up are Danny Verkade, CTO, and Edwin Bos, Lead Front-end Developer at the Dutch agency Cream to show their team’s work.
  • Then it’s Anastasia Bondar, Frontend Developer at Space48, who takes the stage to show the project of a hardware store that her team has been working on with Hyvä Themes.
  • And finally, Ina van der Biesen, Project Manager at integer_net, presents the challenges and learnings of a project that started off with Hyvä Themes alpha edition.

In a nutshell:

Date:  Wed, 3rd November 2021

Time:  07:00 PM  CET

Place:  Online event on Hopin

What’s on the agenda?

We want you to be able to plan your evening according to your needs; During the event you can join and leave whenever you like. Have a look at the agenda and join us whenever there is time:

  • 7:00 PM – 7:15 PM CET – Welcome
  • 7:15 PM – 7:30 PM CET – Ian Rushton – Made With Love and Sparkle
  • 7:35 PM – 7:50 PM CET – Danny Verkade & Edwin Bos – Cream de la Cream: Dutch Hyvä projects
  • 7:55 PM – 8:10 PM – Anastasia Bondar – Got it done with Hyvä: Chadwicks
  • 8:15 PM – 8:30 PM – Ina van der Biesen – A redesigned Highlite
  • 8:35 PM – 8:40 PM – Official End
  • 8:40 PM – 10:00 PM – Open End

Hyvä Meetup – A place to share

This meetup is not only intended for showcases but also for meeting other Hyvä enthusiasts. Hyvä Meetup is a place to ask questions, to inspire, to come up with new ideas and to network with like-minded people.
We’ll keep the chat enabled so you can ask the speakers questions about their projects or leave comments and ideas. During the Open End of this meetup, you can talk to other attendees via videochat and get the chance to chat with others about whatever topic you like. As always we’ll make sure that this event is a safe space for everyone so the Magento community can thrive.

More about Hyvä Meetup

Recap of the first Hyvä Meetup ever

On 19th May this year, we presented the first Hyvä Meetup and invited two very talented developers to show off their projects. You’d like to know more or watch the whole video? Then head to our recap here.

What to expect

You’re curious about Hyvä Meetup in general? Then have a look here.

You’d like to show your work with Hyvä?

You’re working on a project that you’d like to share with the community? Or you’d be a first time speaker and you’re hesitating to get in touch? Feel free to reach out to us so we can have a chat and include you in our plans for the next Hyvä Meetup. Just get in touch with Andreas von Studnitz from our team at events@integer-net.de.

See you on 3rd November at Hyvä Meetup

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the second Hyvä Meetup. As it’s a fairly new event, please help us spread the word about Hyvä Meetup at work and in social networks with the hashtag #HyvaMeetup.