Magento Training Courses and Workshops

Unser SchulungsraumBased on our substantial experience with Magento and with holding Magento training courses, we offer the following Magento workshops:

Magento Developer Training Course

Duration: 1–2 days
Trainer: Andreas von Studnitz

The Developer Training Course can be composed completely individually according to the developers’ previous knowledge, their interests and the possible requirements of a pending project. A traditional training course is comprised of the following subjects:

  • introduction to Magento and overview of its file structure
  • introduction to Magento’s templating system
  • introduction to module development.

Within the subject of “module development”, there is a wide range of topics. The following list is just an excerpt of possible topics:

  • customization methods for existing functionalities (rewrites, event observer model)
  • models, collections, filters
  • blocks with individual functionality
  • customized controllers
  • back end modules, grids, and forms
  • configuration options
  • payment modules
  • shipping modules
  • individual attributes and source models.

Even in one day it is possible to give developers experienced in PHP a good knowledge base for developing their own modules and templates. If required, we offer phone and/or Skype support subsequent to a training course.

Magento Shop Owners Training Course

Duration: 1 day
Trainer: Christian Philipp

The Shop Owners Training Course is aimed at everyone who wants to modify content in the Magento administration panel and manage orders and/or customers. Usually this training course is comprised of:

  • login and overview of the administration panel
  • Magento’s multi-store concept
  • categories and products
  • different product types in Magento
  • product attributes
  • CMS pages and static blocks
  • configuration
  • customers and customer groups
  • order work flow with invoices, shipping notes, and credit memos
  • translations
  • email templates
  • statistics
  • coupons and pricing rules
  • user management.

Depending on the time available and on the participants’ interests, further topics can be covered, such as rewrite management, shipping and payment methods, order conditions, newsletters, or deeper levels of configuration. Emphases can be placed based on the participants’ preferences, thus diversifying the training course.

General Info on Training Courses

If you prefer, the training courses can be held in your office. Alternatively we offer our own premises or hold the training courses in a rented space (e.g. Cologne).

We will need a projector or a large monitor, as well as, ideally, an internet connection. Every participant should have access to a computer (e.g. a laptop) for possible exercises and tests.

The fees depends on the duration of the training course, the number of participants, and the location. Please inquire by phone at +49 241 990 88 44-0 or fill in the following contact form:

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