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Build your Magento knowledge in one to three days long trainings based on realistic examples and become more successful in your Magento related endeavors. Master Magento 2 with the tips and tricks of our experts.

Based on our substantial experience with Magento and with holding Magento training courses, we offer the following Magento workshops:

These dates are fixed:

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26.-27.06. 2018 – Magento 2 Training for Developers

Rosenheim – in Englisch with Fabian Schmengler

During these two days you learn everything you need to successfully work on your first Magento 2 projects, starting from installation to Dependency Injection and plugin development.

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Magento 2 Training for Developers

Duration: 2–3 days
Trainer: Andreas von Studnitz or Fabian Schmengler
Content: This Magento 2 developer training helps you to level up to Magento 2 and to successfully work on your first Magento 2 project. A traditional training course comprises the following subjects:

  • Installation
  • File Structure of Magento 2
  • Frontend Basics
  • Module Structure
  • Controller
  • Dependency Injection – Introduction
  • Overwriting Code via Preferences
  • Amending Code via Plugins
  • Events / Observer
  • Setup Scripts
  • Configuration
  • Translations
  • Development Best Practices

Structure:  In our training courses, in-depth topics such as automated tests, security or performance are always optional and useful, as the previous knowledge and requirements of the training participants are different.
Further optional topics are:

  • In-depth Dependency Injection
  • Creating your own entities
  • GraphQL API
  • Development setup (Docker)
  • Caching
  • Indexing
  • Cronjobs
  • Custom Attributes / Extension Attributes
  • Import/Export
  • Overview Frontend Technologies
  • Layout system
Test Driven Development with Magento 2

Duration: 1–2 days
Trainer: Fabian Schmengler
Content: Automated tests are an important part of high quality software development. During this Magento 2 testing training you learn what kind of tests are possible in Magento 2 and how you can get started with test driven development. The training is meant for beginners as well as for developers who have worked with automated tests before and now want to learn more on how to best employ these techniques. Basic knowledge in Magento 2 backend development is a prerequisite.

  • Principles of test driven development
  • Presentation of existing tests in Magento 2
  • TDD Katas
  • Introduction to Integration Tests: Magento Test Framework, Fixtures, Controller Tests, Block Tests, Model Tests, Configuration Tests
  • Introduction to Unit Tests: working with Test Dummies, writing testable code
  • Test Setup and Continuous Integration for extension developers Entwickler and web shop developers
  • Overview of further tests in Magento 2: Functional tests, API function test, JavaScript Tests, static tests

Structure: In a one day training we skip the practical exercises to have more time for questions and discussions. If you would rather do exercises, we recommend a two day training to have enough time for both exercises and covering all relevant topics.

Magento 2 for Store Managers

Duration: 1 day
Trainer: Andreas von Studnitz
Content: This Magento 2 user training is made for anyone who works in the admin panel of Magento 2 to either edit content or manage orders or customers. It is also benefitial for sales managers and support managers in agencies who consult the agency’s customers. The usual content of this training is:

  • Login and Overview of the Admin Panel
  • Multistore Concept of Magento 2
  • Categories and Products
  • different Product Types in Magento 2
  • Product Attributes
  • CMS Pages and static blocks
  • Configuration
  • Customers and Customer Groups
  • Order Workflow including invoices, shippings, and credit memos
  • Translations
  • Email Templates
  • Statistics
  • Coupons and Price Rules
  • User Management

Structure: Depending on the available amount of time and the participants’ interests further topics can be added, such as Rewrite Management, Shipping and Payment Types, Order Requirements, Newsletter or a deep dive into Configuration Options. We adjust the main focus of the training to have the best fit for the participants.

Training location

All trainings can optionally take place in your own offices. Alternatively, we provide the room either in our own offices or in a rented space (e.g. in Cologne). If needed, we also offer remote training via video conferencing tools such as Zoom or Teams: We have had very good experiences with this format and know how to make remote training exciting and productive at the same time. Just get in touch with us!

Training classroom

Most conference rooms are equipped with everything we need for a training. In general, the following infrastructure should be available:

  • Projector or a big screen
  • ideally internet access
  • Computer or laptop for each participant

What our participants say about the trainings

I really enjoyed your training, it was a perfect overview of Magento 2, a lot of practical examples and a comparison of different ways to implement things, besides that a review of how exactly things changed in regards to Magento 1. After a training I felt right at home during the Hackathon. So thank you very much and I wish you a big success with the training and ever more happy trainees like me 🙂

Alexander Turiak

Senior Software Developer, vitafy GmbH

I thought it was great. Although I’m relatively new at Magento I was still able to take some valuable information from the course, which in turn has helped me gain a better understanding of Magento 2 development.

Corrina Lichthardt

Developer, mediawave

It was a great job, I’ll be sure to mention it when I meet teams out in the world which need to make the transition!

Ben Marks

Magento Evangelist, Magento Inc.

The training was a great experience. Fabian had the patience to answer all of our questions and introduce us to a modular way of working with dev-ops and back-end.

Arjus Dashi

Developer, Audes

Your Advantages

  • Magento certified trainers
  • individuelly adjusted training contents
  • flexible adjustment to participants’ previous knowledge
  • variable duration and location
  • in German or English for international teams

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