Magento 2 Training for Developers in Rosenheim on June 26th – 27th

This training is already over

The training date is in the past so you can no longer book this training.

In a two day training about Magento 2 development you extend your knowledge about modern development techniques and the special characteristics of Magento 2. The training’s main focus is on backend development, but you also get an introduction to frontend development. The aim is to prepare you so you can successfully work on your first Magento 2 projects.

To make sure that you get the most of these two days of training, the course is limited to a maximum of 15 participants.

This training will be conducted in English.

The Trainer

Fabian Schmengler

Fabian Schmengler

Fabian Schmengler is a Magento Certified Developer as well as a Magento 1 and Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist. In 2017 and 2018, he was awarded as Magento Master for his outstanding contributions to the Magento community, e.g. for his talks, his ongoing help on Magento StackExchange and for creating resources about Magento development.
His focus at work lies on automated testing – a passion he likes to spread among participants of this trainings.

Further Information

Contents of this Magento 2 Training

These topics await you

This Magento 2 developer training helps you to level up to Magento 2 and to successfully work on your first Magento 2 projects.

  • Installation
  • File Structure of Magento 2
  • Frontend Basics
  • Module Structure
  • Controller
  • Dependency Injection – Introduction
  • Overwriting Code via Preferences
  • Extending Code via Plugins
  • Events / Observer
  • Setup Scripts
  • Configuration
  • Translations
  • Advanced Dependency Injection – Arguments and Virtual Classes
  • Development Best Practices


Geneststraße 5
House G
Small Conference Room on the top floor
10829 Berlin

Magento Training in Bavaria

The training takes place in Rosenheim, to be more exact at Unified Arts, an internet agency in Rosenheim. The train station Rosenheim is only 300 m away.

Unified Arts
Kepplerstraße 19
83026 Rosenheim

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Magento Training between Munich and the Alps

Located on the foothills of the Alps, Rosenheim offers panoramic view and a stunning old city centre.

The office of Unified Arts, our host in Rosenheim for this two day training, is located only a few hundred meters away from the train station. That makes it easy for anyone interested to come and join us in Rosenheim. If you travel by train, it takes less than 40 minutes from Munich to Rosenheim.


Fixed Training Language

The training will be conducted in English
so it’s perfect for international teams.

Limited Number of Participants

In order to ensure the quality of the training, the number of participants is limited to 15. The minimum number of participants is 3.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions regarding the training, please feel free to contact us.