IntegerNet_Solr: Features

IntegerNet_Solr offers many features to improve the product search in your online store. Let us introduce you to all features, from the frontend display to priorisation of search results.

Search Suggestions

Extensive Search Suggestions

Even before the search term is sent, IntegerNet_Solr shows several keyword suggestions for your search as well as a few matching products.

  • Autosuggest after entering just two letters
  • Suggestions for search terms, products, categories, CMS pages and attributes
  • Fuzzy search for search terms corrects typos
  • AND search operator combines words in search terms for the most accurate results
  • Extraordinarily fast due to a direct processing of requests by Solr instead of Magento

IntegerNet_Solr improves filtered search results

Better Usability for Filters

Filters are a great way to narrow down search results so IntegerNet_Solr does a lot to improve the user experience for filters.

  • Multiple filter values can be selected
  • Optional horizontal display of filters above search results
  • Fast loading of filtered search results
  • Maximum number of filter options can be set
  • Alphabetical sorting of filter options available
  • Configurable exclusion of filtered pages from search engines via ‘Noindex, Nofollow’


IntegerNet_Solr for Category Pages

IntegerNet_Solr does not only work as a product search. Based on the indexed products, it is also able to load category pages really fast.

  • Quick calculation of product lists on category pages based on Solr index
  • Great performance improvements even with activated product filters
  • Optional removal of filters which are unnecessary for specific category

Optimisation for Mobile Devices

Optimisation for Mobile Devices

To make product search on the go easier, too, all frontend elements of IntegerNet_Solr are optimised for mobile devices.

  • Responsive design of the auto suggest window
  • Different extent of search suggestions for desktop and mobile displays, e.g. no category suggestions for small displays

Individual Configuration of IntegerNet_Solr

Individual Configuration

Adjust IntegerNet_Solr in your Magento backend to perfectly meet your store’s requirements. All settings are explained in the module’s documentation.

  • Boost certain products, attributes, categories or CMS pages
  • Set the maximum number of search suggestions
  • Select the preferred attributes for search suggestions
  • Exclude products, categories or CMS pages from the Solr index
  • Customize the fuzzy search’s sensitivity
  • Optional use of fuzzy search if the minimum amount of direct results is not reached
  • Allow redirects to products or categories if the search term is an exact match
  • Prevent search results or filtered category pages from being indexed by search engines


Seamless Integration

Regarding design and functions, IntegerNet_Solr seamlessly integrates in every Magento store. The documentation provides you with tips and more information.

  • Support of all native Magento elements on search result pages, e.g. sorting, pagination and filters
  • Frontend design compatible out of the box with Magento’s themes default, modern and rwd
  • Layout adjustable to all other themes
  • Free configuration of price navigation steps
  • Events for adjusting the indexing process and search results
  • Unencrypted source code for your own customizations

Technical Details of IntegerNet_Solr

Technical Details

Not just for frontend elements but for background processes of this Solr search, too, we bank on high quality code and comfort for administrators.

  • Product HTML blocks already rendered during indexing for faster display (optional)
  • Automatic connection check to Solr server with notification service in case of a lost connection (optional)
  • Fallback to Magento standard search if the Solr server is down
  • Automatic update of Solr indexes upon product changes
  • Logging of all Solr requests (optional)
  • Complete support of Magento multistore functionalities
  • Use one solr core for one or more StoreViews
  • Possibility to use a separate Solr core exclusively for indexing
  • Support of automated Solr core swaps


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