Last week we received the good news that two members of our team were chosen to become “Magento Masters”: Fabian Schmengler in the category “Mentor” and Sonja Riesterer in the category “Maker”. Congratulations!

What are “Magento Masters”?

This is an official distinction by Magento Inc., decorating individuals for their special contributions to the community. These contributions include educating others, contributing to the official documentation, organising Magento centered events or holding talks.

All in all, 20 individuals are invited to receive their awards in April on the big stage at Magento Imagine in Las Vegas.

Magento Masters 2016

Magento Masters 2016

Magento Master 2017: Fabian Schmengler

Fabian has been working at integer_net since 2014, where he is a valuable tower of strength for our backend development of Magento 1 and 2. Additionally, he takes on topics such as deployment and DevOps and he is an expert for automated tests. Since the beginning of 2017 he is a partner and shareholder at integer_net.

Fabian Schmengler at MageTitans Manchester 2016

Fabian Schmengler at MageTitans Manchester 2016

At Magento conferences in Europe in 2016, he focussed mainly on “Extension Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2”. For example, he was at Mage Titans in Manchester, Meet Magento DE in Leipzig and Magento Developers Paradise in Croatia as speaker, where he made a convincing impression with his deep practical knowledge. On our blog and on his own blog he writes technically well-grounded articles on Magento, PHP and test driven development. On top of this, he is one of the most active participants on StackExchange. For his extensive and profound knowledge, that he shares with great enthusiasm with other developers, he has been rightly chosen in the category “Mentor”.

Big thanks to Sherrie Rohde for showing appreciation of community efforts via the Magento Masters program. We have a really great community (the best!) and it must be a tough task to select the top contributors. The more I am honored to be selected as a “Magento Master 2017” amongst great and inspiring people.
My goal for this year will be to continue delivering useful resources, share my knowledge and experience, but also contribute more to Magento 2 development, since it opened up further with the new community engineering team. — Fabian

Magento Master 2017: Sonja Riesterer

Sonja joined us at integer_net in 2015 – we are still very happy to have lured her from the metropolis Hamburg to placid Aachen. At integer_net she is mainly responsible for Marketing, especially for our own Magento store, which she has already promoted significantly.

Sonja Riesterer at MageTitansIT 2016

Sonja Riesterer at MageTitansIT 2016

Sonja’s outstanding talent is to bring people together, especially as a link between developers and non-developers. While she already organized the Magento meetup in Hamburg during her time there, she is now (together with Andreas von Studnitz) responsible for the Magento-Stammtisch Aachen. In addition, she plays a decisive role as part of the team organising the community event MageUnconference.

When new connections between people form, when you swap ideas or offer help, then I am so very glad to be part of this Magento community and to have contributed to this. — Sonja

In 2016 she was a speaker at several Magento conferences, mostly with Marketing topics in combination with Magento. I especially remember her talk on “Embracing Change” at MageTitansIT in Milano, where a room full of developers listened intentively to her personal story of continuous change. Her election for this award in the category “Maker” is a recognition of her extensive commitment to the German and internation Magento community.

Contributions to the Magento Community

At integer_net we are immensely proud that our colleagues live up to our idea of sharing knowledge – not just within the office walls but beyond. Furthermore, we share the happiness of all of this year’s Magento Masters, that their contributions have been recognized. After all the points at StackExchange and Kudos in the Magento Forums they finally receive the physical award they deserve.

Update 2018

As of february 2018, we got news that both Fabian and Sonja got selected for being Magento Masters in 2018 again. Congratulations!

Andreas von Studnitz

Author: Andreas von Studnitz

Andreas von Studnitz is a Magento developer and one of the Managing Directors at integer_net. His main areas of interest are backend development, Magento consulting and giving developer trainings. He is a Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer Plus and holds several other Magento certifications for both Magento 1 and Magento 2. Andreas was selected as a Magento Master in 2019 and 2020.

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