What’s new at IntegerNet_Solr? It’s been a while since we last blogged about a new version of IntegerNet_Solr. For both the Magento 1 and Magento 2 version, we have worked on new features. The current version of IntegerNet_Solr for Magento 2 is 1.4.0, the recent release of IntegerNet_Solr for Magento 1 is 1.7.10.

Updates for IntegerNet_Solr for Magento 2

Multiselect now for Magento 2

We ended that last blog post about IntegerNet_Solr for Magento 2 with an outlook of what we planned to work on next: multiselect filters for layered navigation on search results pages and categories. If your customers look for a shirt in either white or blue, they can now easily filter results to match either of these values. This feature is now ready for you to enjoy, bringing the feature set of the Magento 2 version one step closer to the big feature set of IntegerNet_Solr for Magento 1.

Sort filter values

In the default setting, filter values in the layered navigation are sorted according to the value’s position in the attribute configuration – this is in Magento default like in IntegerNet_Solr. We have added an option to change the order of filter values: the default order, alphabetic order or sort them by number of matches.

Fuzzy product suggestions but clear category suggestions

In some places, fuzzy search can cause confusion. So even when fuzzy search is active for search suggestions in general, you can now deactivate fuzzy search for category suggestions in the autosuggestions. So while you might want to have fuzzy product suggestions, your catalog makes it necessary to be a bit more strict when it comes to suggesting categories, e.g. when category names include numbers.

Hide out of stock products

With an ever changing catalog, some products go out of stock unnoticed. IntegerNet_Solr can handle these for you. For autosuggest results, categories and search results pages, you get to choose separately if out of stock products shall be listed or not.

Sold out products at bottom of search results pages

If you don’t like to handle your products so harshly, there is also a factor you can use to negatively affect the ranking of sold out products on search results pages. So with a very low factor, e.g. 0.1, sold out products will be sorted at the very end of the list of potential matches. That way customers who search for something they had seen at your store earlier will still have a chance to see the product while the available products dominate the list.

Improved processing

In two releases in August, we made some changes that are important for IntegerNet_Solr’s future but have less visible impacts. The first main change was the compatibility with Magento 2.2. With the recently released Magento 2.2 version, Magento reaches a new level of stability while at the same time creating some backward incompatibility issues. If you are ready to update your store, IntegerNet_Solr is ready, too.

We have also implemented a mechanism to make index run a lot smoother and not abort in case of a missing child product. If you are eager to twist IntegerNet_Solr around your finger and make it do things that the configuration alone wouldn’t let you, you will be happy to hear that we added new events in connection with product collection. For more information on events and how to use them to adjust search results, check out this blog post providing examples in Magento 1.

We also improved some aspects of the autosuggest box in your store’s frontend, fixing translations and loading issues. Also, redirects to categories will only take place now if there is really only one matching category.

Updates for IntegerNet_Solr for Magento 1

Out of stock products at bottom of the list

Like in the Magento 2 version, IntegerNet_Solr for Magento 1 offers switches to hide sold out products from search results, autosuggestions and category pages. There is also the possibility to add a negative ranking factor for products that are out of stock on search results pages.

Connect, disconnect, reconnect

In case your MySQL connection runs into a timeout issue, our extension is able to automatically disconnect and then reconnect. While this might come in handy for some, it might not be good for all. So the default value of this configuration setting is to disable it.

Shout out to great input from our customers!

While we do our best to offer you a great piece of software, sometimes a bug or two slip in. We are lucky to have such attentive customers like Thomas Zöger who sent us a bug fix for category and CMS result blocks that wouldn’t want to be disabled along with the rest of the extension. Good catch! It’s fixed now.
The latest release comes with the fix we have added to the Magento 2 version that a redirect to a category will only happen if there is only one matching category for the search term you entered.

Move to Magento 2 and take IntegerNet_Solr with you

Our offer still stands on this one: If you get a license for IntegerNet_Solr for Magento 1, you can switch to Magento 2 whenever you are ready and we will transfer the license to IntegerNet_Solr for Magento 2 free of charge. There is only one requirement: the store’s domain stays the same.

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