Join the team & work where you like

Wanted: Backend Developer (m/f/d) Remote

Right in the middle wherever you are

For our growing team, we are looking for someone who can actively support us in Magento backend development – working remotely or in our office. We have a large, bright office in Aachen, but since the Corona crisis, most integer_net team members have been working from home. We will continue to pursue the Remote First approach, using processes to keep in touch with each other over distance:

Video calls are an important component, both for the organisation and for the exchange among each other: Weekly team meeting & project meetings Weekly recorded short lectures as “knowledge dessert” Joint meeting for lunch Virtual Happy Hour on fridays Keep in touch asynchronously: Changing Conversation Starters encourage the exchange of hobbies Geographically independent work organisation: Ticket system as a central source of information Short consultations via Slack Supporting technology A high-performance laptop, good webcams and headsets are standard for us

What we expect from you

Working with a remote team requires one skill above all: communication. All tools available to us only help when they are used. Slack, daily meetings with project team, weekly meetings with the whole team, commit messages, comments in tickets – there are many channels through which you can get in touch with your teammates.

Our work is based on the e-commerce platform Magento. It’s a versatile software with a complex technical basis. When you join us, you will have an experienced mentor at your side to introduce you to our tech stack, coding standards and processes. In return, we expect you to also be able to learn independently in order to familiarise yourself with other areas. This is especially the case if you are working with new technologies that your teammates have no experience with.

We would also like you to support the exchange of knowledge within the team. At one of our internal hackathons or at the weekly “knowledge dessert” after lunch on Mondays are good opportunities for this. But also in the Wiki, in our blog or in lectures at regional and national events we are looking forward to your contribution to make Magento, the e-commerce world and technologies more understandable.

What awaits you

Your job in an agency for e-commerce development

As a developer, you’ll be helping us shape the web in general and e-commerce in particular. Our clients are different companies – partly pure traders, partly also manufacturers – from various industries, which are active in both the B2B and the B2C market. For these clients we develop online stores and extensions for existing shops based on the e-commerce platform Magento, the e-commerce platform from Adobe.

What you should bring

These are the skills we require:

  • Object-oriented programming with PHP 7 / 8
  • Good English skills

With these skills you score extra points with us:

  • CSS or JavaScript
  • Linux Server, Docker, Continuous Integration

What does your day-to-day work with us look like?

In your daily work with us, you will usually be active in several e-commerce projects of our customers at the same time. The projects will usually not only be part of your work for a few months, but rather for a year or longer.

To meet our quality standards, code reviews, pair programming and testing are also part of our daily routine in our sprints. Speaking of sprints: We organize our work across projects in 14-day sprints, using agile methods where they make sense to support us. Your tasks are ready and estimated in the ticket system at the beginning of the sprint.

A Weekly Meeting on the project on Monday morning and the Weekly of the whole team on Monday after lunch. Depending on the project, there is also a short daily meeting around 10 a.m. on weekdays. This is what the calendar looks like for many developers in our team. Retrospectives and meetings to share experiences with each other complete the schedule. Moreover, we try to allow as much undisturbed working time as possible.