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We work with excellent partners, because our common goals lead us to joint success. Quality and trust are also our top priorities here. We are proud to be able to guarantee reliable services with our official partners.

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HyväWe are Hyvä's main partner: we have a close friendship with Hyvä's inventor, Willem Wigman, that goes back many years. During the creation of Hyvä, Willem was still working for integer_net. As co-creators of Hyvä Themes, we have been involved with this new frontend since the beginning in 2020. As a result, some of our customers were able to try it out right from the start. Ever since Hyvä Themes has been our frontend solution of choice for any ecommerce project. We are involved members of the Hyvä community, e. g. by organising the Hyvä Meetup.More on this
ECOPLANinteger_net is a partner of the ECOPLAN ProLine solution. As such, we implement ProLine in our B2B projects and offer customisation services when requirements exceed ProLine's extensive standard features. One of the pillars of our partnership with ECOPLAN is the sharing of knowledge, for example by providing development training for the ECOPLAN team and keeping up to date with innovations related to ProLine. As ProLine is based on Magento, our long experience in developing Magento and close partnership with ECOPLAN allows us to get the most out of ProLine.More on this
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maxclusterWe have been working with the hosting provider maxcluster from Paderborn, Germany for a long time, managing many challenging Magento projects together. Maxcluster’s hosting expertise ensures that we have the right setup even when server requirements fluctuate. With maxcluster’s support, scaling succeeds whenever the need arises.More on this
SansecWhen it comes to big challenges, it's best to work with specialists. For the security of online shops based on Magento, we find this expertise at Sansec. They provide us with the right tools to constantly monitor the integrity of our client's online stores.More on this
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FoomanSelecting high-quality modules from the multitude of Magento extensions is often similar to looking for a needle in a haystack. Fooman’s modules offer reliable well written code, great functionality and outstanding support. They also form a great basis for customisations fulfill all of our clients' requirements.More on this
digitalHUB AachendigitalHUB Aachen is a network for companies, start-ups and public institutions and promotes digitalization and innovation in the Aachen region. The digitalHUB creates an inspiring ecosystem for digital and sustainable ideas by providing comprehensive support, education and consultancy. Simultaneously, it is building a strong network for businesses. This membership enables us to benefit from this expertise and offer our customers an even better range of digital solutions.More on this