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We are a team of 22 people, specialised in the development and technical support of online stores.
With the e-commerce platform Magento as the foundation, we help your business achieve new goals in e-commerce.








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Our Services

Online Store Development

We assist you as a technical partner for online shop projects, from new developments to partial or complete revisions all the way to long-term support as your e-commerce business continues to grow.

Switch to Magento 2

You have an existing shop and plan to switch to Magento 2? We have experience in project implementation and the transfer of system data from Magento 1 and other shop systems to Magento 2.

Analysis and Consulting

An independent second opinion can make it easier to decide what to do. We provide you with a detailed analysis of your online store and advise you on further development independently of any further commitment.

Stores for Business Clients

You want to optimise your sales to business customers with an online shop? We support you so that the implementation of the shop as well as the data synchronization with other existing systems in your company functions reliably.

Hyvä Themes

Among the strengths of Magento are its multi-store functionality and adaptability. The frontend though is not one of Magento’s strengths; its complexity makes changes cumbersome. A solution for this is a new approach called Hyvä Themes.

As the main partner and co-creator, integer_net offers the implementation of Magento projects with a Hyvä frontend.

integer_net is specialised in Magento and ProLine
& an official ECOPLAN Partner.

Certified Magento Specialists

For every online store project that we work on we use ProLine which is based on Magento, the most widely used e-commerce software in the world. It serves as a basis for us to implement individual client requirements.

Thanks to our specialisation in Magento, we know the software particularly well. The majority of the integer_net team has been certified by Magento several times. We are constantly expanding our knowledge, for example at specialist conferences. At the same time we also offer our knowledge to others, in training courses or on our blog.

Our Clients and Magento Projects

Project with Magento 2 & Hyvä Themes

Keywords: B2C - Migration




Project with Magento 1 & Magento 2


Keywords: Hyvä - B2C -  B2B - Digitalisation


Project with Magento 1

Keywords: B2B - Newsletter - Interfaces

Project with Magento 2 & Hyvä Themes

Keywords: B2B - Performance - Redesign

Project with Magento 2 & Hyvä Themes


Keywords: B2C - Performance


Project with Magento 1


Keywords: B2C -  User Experience -  Performance


Project with Magento 1

Keywords: B2C - B2B - User Experience - Performance

Project with Magento 2 & Hyvä Themes

Keywords: B2C - B2B

Project with Magento 1

Keywords: B2C - B2B - Interface - Responsive

Project with Magento 1

Keywords: B2C - Internationalisation - Responsive

Projects with Magento 1 & 2

Keywords: Cooperation of two agencies - B2B - B2C

Project with Magento 2 & Hyvä Themes


Keywords: B2B - Hyvä - Interfaces




Project with Magento 2

Keywords: Internationalisation - Interfaces - React Checkout

Project with Magento 1

Keywords: B2C - User Experience

Our Clients and Magento Projects

Our Clients and Magento Projects

Which goals do you want to achieve with your business?

Let’s discuss the opportunities e-commerce holds for you
and how we can help you to benefit from them.

Christian Philipp

Christian Philipp

Management & Project Management

We are integer_net:



Magento Certifications

organised Magento meetups


News & Blogposts

Sharing our knowledge, informing and passing on experiences – that’s what we use our blog for. Read the latest news from the world of Magento, e-commerce and integer_net here.

Hyvä - the integer_net spin-off

Once upon a time, it all began with a side project for a lean store frontend, that got a lot of positive feedback from the Magento community, and it’s now a successful separate company.
Here we tell the story of Hyvä, the integer_net spin-off.

New rules for Magento certifications

In June 2021, Adobe announced a validity period for certifications that can be extended by taking a recertification exam. This article offers an overview of the new rules for the different certifications, including the costs of recertifications.

New Checkout for Hyvä Themes

Our team has built a new checkout for Hyvä Themes. The extension contains a React app and can be run in any frontend, so not just Hyvä, but Luma, too. Read more about its features, architecture and how you can use and extend this checkout in your projects.

Become a Part of Our Growing Team at integer_net

We are looking for additions to our team in various areas, as we have a lot to do with an increasing number of clients. Whether in development or project management, with us you can shape the e-commerce world.

Magento Backend Developer (m/f/d) wanted

It’s up to you if you would rather work in our office or from your home: If you bring along PHP knowledge, we will teach you the necessary Magento expertise.

Magento Frontend Developer (m/f/d) wanted

We are on a steady path of growth. With us you can design and create the web, either from the comfort of your home or our office.

Project Manager (m/f/d) wanted

With us you can make plans and turn them into reality. Our team is looking for someone with skills in project management and communication, and a keen interest in the web.