Certifications 6/24/2021

Adobe introduces expiration of Magento certifications

Adobe has been planning to restructure its Magento certifications for some time. In the past, we have already collected some compact information for you. (See Cloud Developer Certification Exam and Update on Magento Certifications from 13.10.2020)
Since 15 June it is official: The prices have been adjusted and the Magento certificates for Adobe Commerce and Magento OpenSource now have to be renewed regularly. The aim is to improve both the quality of the certificates and the expertise of the developers. This article provides a compact summary of exactly what this entails.

  • Evidence that the level of knowledge of a company's employees is up to date
  • Outdated knowledge is refreshed and brought up to date with the recertification.
  • Additional costs and workload
  • The recertification must take place before the expiration date. Otherwise learners must take the regular certification exam.

What's new?



So what does the renewal of the certificates entail? Firstly, the following: Yes, even already existing certificates now require regular recertification. Adobe set up the following schedule: Certificates that you have achieved by the end of 2019 will require recertification by 31 December 2022. Similarly, certificates from 1 January to 30 June 2021 will only be valid until 30 Juni 2023. Recertifications and new certificates will now lose their validity after two years. Fortunately, it is not possible to forget the deadlines: Adobe will send you several reminders before the expiration of your certificate.
One warning though: Every learner must make sure that they take care of the recertification before the expiration date of their certificate, because otherwise the regular certificate must be taken again.


In a nutshell

Certificates achieved before 31 December 2019Certificates achieved from 1 January until 30 June 2021All new certificates from 1 July 2021
Recertification due on 31 December 2022Recertification due on 30 June 2023Renewal every 2 years


The prices are now structured in a simple way:
1. Recertifications cost the same for all levels.
2. Prices have been set specifically for India and the rest of the world.

Renewal/Recertification (all levels) Adobe Certified Professional Exam Adobe Certified Expert Exam Adobe Certified Master Exam
Global: 125.00 USD
Indien: 95.00 USD
Global: 125.00 USD
Indien: 95.00 USD
Global: 225.00 USD
Indien: 150.00 USD
Global: 225.00 USD
Indien: 150.00 USD

More information about the prices can be found here.

New Certificates

Adobe will introduce two new certifications over the next year:

  • The Adobe Certified Expert - Adobe Commerce Front-End (+ JavaScript) Developer replaces the Adobe Commerce Front-End and JavaScript Developer Certifications. The introduction is planned for the end of 2021.
  • In addition, people who do not work as developers with Magento OpenSource or Adobe Commerce will have a new certification opportunity: in the first quarter of 2022 "Adobe Certified Professional - Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner" will be added, which complements the certification at the Adobe Certified Expert level that is named in the same way.


All in all it can be said that, for one thing, the certifications now more clearly reflect the needs of the candidates: Non-developers can now acquire a qualification at the Adobe Certified Professional level with the Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner Exam which was previously only possible at the Adobe Certified Expert level. On the other hand the prices are more transparent. There is a drop of bitterness though: The exams now have to be repeated regularly. On the other hand this prevents the knowledge of developers from becoming outdated and that developers who have not worked with Magento for several years are still allowed to hold the certificate.

What do you think about this topic? Do you like the changes? Feel free to leave us a comment.