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Magento 2 2/1/2024

A shop with Magento & Hyvä: a good investment in the future

In the landscape of e-commerce systems, there is fortunately a wide selection. This gives the merchant the opportunity to find a system that is tailored to their needs.

If they want to start small just to test whether their sales idea works, Shopify is a good choice, for example, as it is relatively inexpensive and allows for a quick start. If the idea works and they want to sell nationwide, Shopware might be suitable. As the shop grows even larger and they want to offer goods internationally, integrating the system into a larger system landscape one cannot avoid Magento or even larger, SAP Hybris, or Adobe Commerce at a certain point.

With Magento and Hyvä, you save money and are future-proof

Another aspect is the type of shop needed. If one sells a standard product, something physical like clothes, the common systems work well. However, if there are special requirements, such as a complex configuration of products or the need for extreme system robustness due to high visitor numbers, niche systems or the ability to flexibly expand the shop system are required.

From this perspective, the offer for merchants is better than 10 years ago when there was not such a wide selection. The problem: the costs for migrating from one system to another are always very expensive and time-consuming.

integer_net has now created a solution for this problem. integer_boost offers the large enterprise e-commerce software Magento at a very affordable entry price. Using Magento in combination with the Hyvä frontend theme has the following advantages:

  • The migration costs from one e-commerce system to another are eliminated for future growth spurts. Magento with integer_boost fits every situation. With Magento, it is possible to sell cost-effectively in a small area within Germany and later expand globally.
  • The API coverage is comprehensive, making it no problem to embed Magento into large system landscapes.
  • Magento is built very modularly, and flexible expandability is given, e.g., to create complex configurators.
  • With the modern frontend of Hyvä, Magento is significantly faster than cloud-based systems.
  • With the right setup and the right host, handling peak loads from TV advertising or Black Friday can be easily managed.

But wait... What about dependence on the manufacturer? Usually, it's like this: If the manufacturer disappears or the system is sold to a foreign investor, there is a risk of having to switch.

In short: No. And that is probably the biggest advantage that is least visible. While the brand Magento technically belongs to Adobe, there is already reassurance in case Adobe loses interest in Magento (which is not the case currently). The community around Magento is enormous!
For instance, the association Mage-OS was founded, consisting of agencies, freelancers, merchants, and other Magento enthusiasts. Mage-OS ensures that Magento continues to receive security updates and further development in the future.
None of the mentioned systems has anything comparable! If the owner disappears there, the product is no longer worked on. If an agency withdraws from Mage-OS, there are many others to take their place.

Mage-OS - the reassurance for Magento from the community

We are proud partners of Mage-OS ourselves and are pleased to continue the success story with Magento that has been going on for over a decade.

In summary, it can be said that there is hardly a system as flexible and enjoying such broad support as Magento.