Magento Community 12/20/2023

Magento Meetup Aachen: The Magento Community is strong - A recap

Our #mageAC - Christmas Edition: Cosy and intriguing

Traditional Christmas cookies, mulled wine, hot chocolate and delicious food: That’s the Christmas Edition of our Magento Meetup Aachen!
And that’s why it is always a special event to be – but this time even more so: On 11th December we invited the Magento community to discuss its future with Vinai Kopp (President Mage-OS) and Mathias Schreiber (Executive Director Magento Association). A promising lookout!

So… What did we do that very evening? Well, one important thing at Magento Meetups: Don’t let the smiles come short!
Those who were up to a special start, could take part in a city tour of Aachen or try to escape from an Escape Room! (Magento developers famously have a knack for solving problems, so they luckily all got out.)

Let's start the discussion!

At 4 PM, we started our official program:
Our co-founder and initiator of our Meetup Aachen, Andreas von Studnitz, gave a lovely, humorous introduction and set the tone for the evening. integer_net has been hosting the Magento Meetup Aachen for over 10 years now and celebrated its 52nd edition this day — and the biggest one yet!
Afterwards, it was Vinai Kopp’s turn as president of Mage-OS. He summarized his plans for Mage-OS and emphasized that he especially needs the support of the community to make Mage-OS thrive.
Then Mathias Schreiber had the floor in his role as executive director of the Magento Association: He’s comparatively new to the Magento Ecosystem, and his focus used to be Typo 3 for a long time. He’s got a fresh perspective on the communication between the Magento community and Adobe and is trying to resolve long-standing frictions.

Time for our panel discussion! Our co-founder and CEO Christian Philipp took the reins and led the way to opinions on the community’s future from Vinai, Mathias and our guests from the Magento community.

The discussion in a nutshell

Adobe, with its top-down strategy, has struggled to grasp the exceptional nature of the community's bottom-up model. It's a clash of worlds, and Mathias is on a mission to unravel the complexities and promote dialogue for a harmonious coexistence. However, there have been problems in the past in the form of numerous open pull requests, causing frustration among agencies.
Enter Mage-OS—a fork of Magento 2 designed to strengthen the already existing Magento community. The introduction of membership opens a new chapter in the community's journey.
There's one thing for certain: Mage-OS will remain firmly in the hands of the community. The membership fee does not only support Mage-OS, but is a tangible demonstration of commitment to an excellent shop system.

But there's still a lot to do for the Magento community.

To-Do List for the Magento Community

1. Unity is Key: This is something the community has always been good at: We must unite in the face of differing approaches and platforms, presenting a cohesive front to navigate challenges. Only this way we can show Adobe that the value of Magento is still there, and it is worth supporting.
2. Friendliness and Positivity: Fostering a collaborative spirit is essential for overcoming existing frictions and propelling the community forward.
3. Membership Matters: Joining Mage-OS will help the community profoundly. Your membership ensures that the ecosystem can keep on thriving.

If you want to become a member of Mage-OS (We already are!): Go to the Mage-OS website.

Our friendly sponsors!

This event wouldn’t have been possible without the contribution of the Magento community! Thanks a million to our speakers Vinai Kopp and Mathias Schreiber for agreeing to a discussion panel! Also, a big thank you to all the people who attended our Magento Meetup and engaged in lively and fruitful discussions!

But this can’t be done without delicious food and drinks!

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Magento Meetup Aachen Christmas Edition 2024

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Thanks a million for being good sports and for spontaneously chipping in! This alone demonstrates the particular strengths of the Magento community: collaboration and support.