Christmage is exactly what it sounds like, a combination of Christmas and Magento.
We invite you to come to Aachen and join us for a jolly good time.

A day full of Magento topics

Before the Christmas spirit(s) take over, talks and conversations about any Magento and ecommerce related topics are on the agenda.
When daylight fades, it’s time to get into a festive mood.

Enjoy an evening at the Christmas market

Amongst all Christmas markets in Europe, the Aachen Christmas market was voted #4 in the most recent election. When the old city center is filled with the scent of roasted almonds and mulled wine, who could be able to resist?

After we have discovered the city’s most intriguing tales during a sightseeing tour, we spend the evening at the Christmas market with drinks and foods.

When the market closes, a warm location with cold drinks will be our shelter for the late evening hours.

Plenty of plans for the whole day

Enjoy a full day in Aachen with a mix of culture and Magento.
We will spoil you with…

  • Some (non-technical) Magento talks
  • Discussions about different Magento topics, following the successful DevExchange approach introduced at Magento Imagine, except that it will be suitable for non-technical people too
  • Many breaks to allow for more discussions and share experiences
  • A professionally led sightseeing tour of Aachen if you like
  • A delightful evening at one of the most beautiful Christmas Markets in the world with a great atmosphere next to Aachen Cathedral and plenty of opportunities to enjoy local food and drinks
  • A chance to sit together even after the Christmas Market is closed

Our agenda for Christmage

09:30 Reception / Arrival

10:00 Opening 
Andreas von Studnitz (integer_net)

10:05 Keynote
Ben Marks (Magento)

10:30 Talk: Business Metrics for Magento Agencies
Nikolai Krambrock (code4business)

11:00 Coffee Break

11:30 Talk: Progressive Web Apps – is this the End?
Jisse Reitsma (Yireo)

12:00 Talk: The State of Chatbots in 2017
Christoph Rumpel (

12:30 Lunch Break

14:00 Discussion Rounds #1
Topic #1: Frontend in Magento 2, hosted by Sandro Wagner (integer_net)
Topic #2: To Scrum or not to Scrum, Management for Magento projects, hosted by Christian Philipp (integer_net)

15:00 Coffee Break

15:30 Discussion Rounds #2
Topic #1: Automated Testing with Magento 2, hosted by Fabian Schmengler (integer_net)
Topic #2: The State of Ecommerce, hosted by Roman Zenner (commercetools) & Ben Marks (Magento)

16:30 Closing Remarks
Sonja Riesterer (integer_net)

17:00 Sightseeing Tour

18:30 Christmas Market

21:00 Afterglow

The Venue

We spend the day at Raus! Escape Room in Aachen, located in Oppenhoffallee 115, 52066 Aachen.

The Venue

Raus! Escape Room
Oppenhoffallee 115
52066 Aachen

How to get here


There are some parking spots in the streets next to the location. Watch out for parking meters. The nearest parking garage is in Adalbertsteinweg 36, 52062 Aachen and it’s open 24 hrs.

Public Transport


The train stations “Aachen Central Station” (long distance trains, local trains) and “Aachen Rothe Erde” (local trains) are in walking distance (1.3 km and 650 m respectively).


The bus stop “Viktoriaallee” is right at the venue.

From Aachen Rothe Erde, take Bus 34 (direction Kohlscheid / Kerkrade) or Bus 57 (direction Herzogenrath Bf. / Merkstein). On both bus lines, “Viktoriaallee” is the second stop.

From Aachen Central Station, take Bus 3A, 13A, 21 or SB63 to “Normaluhr” (first stop). Then walk (900 m) or take Bus 33 (direction of Fuchserde / Beverau), 34 (direction of Brand) or 57 (direction of Haaren / Verlautenheide) to “Viktoriaallee” (second stops).

Meeting Point for Sightseeing Tour

We meet in front of the tourist information of Aachen. The address is Friedrich-Wilhelm-Platz, 52062 Aachen. It is right next to Elisenbrunnen, an old building. The bus stop “Elisenbrunnen” is the closest one.

Meeting Point at Christmas Market

At “Oecher Glühwein Treff” you get the first mulled wine or hot drink. It is located at Katschhof – the square between city hall and Aachen cathedral – close to the cathedral. 


In order to keep it a small and cozy event, we have limited the number of tickets to 70. So be quick and get your ticket!
Drinks, coffee, snacks and lunch are included in the ticket price. Everything at the Christmas Market and afterwards is at your own charge.

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Elves for Santa, sponsors for Christmage

If you are not a Scrooge at all but would like to support Christmage, please send us a message. We appreciate it!

Any questions about Christmage?

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding Christmage, we look forward to hearing from you!