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The new Magento Frontend

Hyvä Themes is a new approach to a software solution for the Magento frontend that combines strong performance with a simple design. With the aim to reduce the dependency on third party modules and the complexity in development, Hyvä was designed by our colleague Willem Wigman who started the development. We are now using it in several projects and are involved in the further development of Hyvä as a technical partner. This new frontend is based on TailwindCSS and Alpine JS, making it easy to design a unique user interface with fast and flexible Magento themes.

As an extension to Hyvä Themes, there is a React-based checkout, which is available as a free, open-source module under the name Hyvä Checkout and can be used with all Magento 2 shops – independent of Hyvä Themes. Hyvä Admin, which was developed in cooperation with Vinai Kopp, is also open source and free of charge.


This is what characterises Hyvä Themes

Strong Performance

Thanks to its slim code base, Hyvä Themes scores with short loading times and achieves a Google Lighthouse Score of over 90 by default, even on mobile devices. This score lays the foundation for a good ranking in search engines.

Reduced Complexity

Based on TailwindCSS and AlpineJS, the baggage of enormous amounts of code is dispensed with to create Hyvä, a frontend theme with a strong design and flexible options for customising the online shop.

Reduced Dependency

Hyvä Themes reduces the dependency on third-party code libraries. In addition, Hyvä Themes creates an alternative to Luma and PWA, which makes it possible to optimally respond to individual requirements of different shops.

Developer Focus

With Hyvä Themes, you get an alternative to JavaScript-based solutions. Despite the modern tech stack, much of the classic Magento frontend is familiar to anyone who experienced with Magento 2 Luma/Blank themes.

The starting point for Hyvä

The e-commerce platform Magento has many strengths, such as flexibility for customisation and multistore functionality for international online shops. Unfortunately, Magento’s frontend is not one of the system’s strengths. Neither the traditional frontend Luma nor the modern PWA approach are free of problems.

The Magento 2 frontend Luma Theme was already considered outdated when it was first released. To support dynamic components, Magento introduced UI Components, which enable the handling of many individual components and extensions. These are used in the checkout and admin area and, initially, there were plans to extend them to the entire frontend. However, there’s a catch: UI Components are very complex, creating an enormous amount of additional work in development. Even experienced developers need a lot of training to implement supposedly small adjustments. In general, the Luma theme is based on evaluated technologies that are no longer up to date. The biggest problem is the large amount of JavaScript code, which causes long loading times and can only be optimised with a lot of effort.

The new PWA technology, which combines the advantages of native apps with a website, is supposed to solve this problem. But PWAs also suffer from large amounts of JavaScript code. Our experience has shown that PWAs only offer a stable basis if you either stay close to the standard of the respective PWA solution and are satisfied with the limited feature set, or if you have a sufficient project budget that allows for extensive individual feature development. In addition, the development effort for PWA is very high, as it is not pure frontend web development, but requires extensive skills and familiarisation with backend development topics as well.

For these reasons, neither Luma nor PWA technologies were a satisfactory solution for us. Small and medium-sized merchants in particular miss a suitable option, a circumstance which was not acceptable to us and motivated us to take the problem into our own hands. The outcome of this? Hyvä!

Luma Demo

Vue Storefront PWA Demo

Hyvä Demo

The Features of Hyvä Themes

Get an overview of the features already included in Hyvä Themes, what is currently in the works and expected soon,
and the functionality that will be added in the future.

The Features of Hyvä Themes

Get an overview of the features Hyvä Themes has already implemented, what is currently in the works and expected soon, and the features that will be added in the future.

Our Hyvä Projects

Because we were directly involved in the creation of Hyvä as a co-creator, we have been working with Hyvä Themes since 2020. Therefore, some of our customers could already try out the new frontend since the very beginning. As every Magento store is unique, we’ve put together an overview with some of our Hyvä references. You can also read here what the Google Lighthouse Score means and which factors influence it.

Hyvä Meetup

The virtual event for everyone interested in Hyvä

The Magento world thrives on its community because progress only happens with the developers involved. That’s why we launched the Hyvä Meetup: Here developers can present their showcases and exchange ideas, network or get inspired. Online merchants who want to know more about Hyvä are welcome as well. Find out on our Hyvä Meetup page what this event has to offer in more detail and when the next meetup is planned for.

Our Hyvä Themes Blog

Hyvä Themes
The new Frontend for Magento

How Hyvä became a successful integer_net spin‑off

Overview of all blog posts on Hyvä

From the idea to the realisation of Hyvä Themes

Meet Willem Wigman, the inventor of Hyvä

From 2018 to 2021, Willem was part of the team at integer_net and it was during this time that he had the idea of Hyvä. The vision: a Magento frontend that allows short loading times, is flexible and easy to design; a reliable basis that allows the implementation of customer wishes and individual designs efficiently. Under Willem’s direction, the idea was turned into reality. During the development a lot of emphasis has been put on the simple structure, which provides an optimal basis for further development. Hyvä is now a product of the company Hyvä Themes B.V., directed by Willem. integer_net as the main partner of Hyvä remains engaged in the ongoing further development and uses Hyvä Themes in a number of customer projects.

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