Quality and experience pay off

All work on an online shop requires a reliable team with many years of experience and accuracy, so that the shop runs stably, stays updateable and has enough room for expansion and scalability 🔧.

Our reliable team of experienced developers is ready to support you in your project. We always prefer high-quality development, be it for stand-alone modules or interface development. Our years of experience in the world of e-commerce speak in our favour.

Our development principles

Ein Häkchen Logo in leuchtendem GrünFollow coding standards
Ein Häkchen Logo in leuchtendem GrünEnsure future updates
Ein Häkchen Logo in leuchtendem GrünFocus on security
Ein Häkchen Logo in leuchtendem GrünCode reviews based on the dual control principle

Our development services for you

We design and develop according to your needs. In doing so, we look for the perfect solution for you to bring your webshop forward in the best possible way.

B2B shop development - your sales portal
Joint conception
Interface development
Configurator development
Magento 2

Butterfly: Migration zu Magento 2 und Redesign

Collage with screenshots of the Butterfly webshop
Magento 2


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