Magento Development

Certified Magento developers with several years of experience with this shop system develop your Magento modules. Whether it’s a stand-alone module or part of a larger project: quality pays off.

Magento Certified Developer

Viktor Franz

Magento Certified Developer

Fabian Schmengler

Magento Certified Developer

Andreas von Studnitz








Module Examples

In the past years, our developers have created several hundred Magento modules. Some examples include:

  • affiliate modules (for retailers and resellers)
  • extensive configurators
  • coupon management
  • subscription management
  • payment modules
  • complex shipping modules
  • connection with newsletter applications
  • interface connection with ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems and PIMs (product information systems)
  • data export modules
  • alternative checkout
  • budget management and budget payment modules
  • connection with TYPO3
  • and many more.

Quality Standards

Magento modules require experience and diligent care in order to be stable, updatable and upgradeable. Our development principles include:

  • adherence to the coding guidelines and conventions of Magento and the Zend framework;
  • following the development principles of the Magento core;
  • overwriting of core files under no circumstances;
  • use of event observers whenever possible;
  • developing “talking”, that is, easily understandable code;
  • use of standard Magento functions whenever possible.

Published Modules

The following modules have been published by us in the past. They can be downloaded and used for free.

  • FastSimpleImport for the quick importing of product, customer, and category data from any data source, for application in your own modules;
  • Magento DE for faster and easier installation of Magento, pre-configured for the German market;
  • ScopeHint for displaying warnings, if configuration layers are overwritten on deeper levels;
  • AdminNotificationsAdvanced for quick removal of distracting notifications in the back-end;
  • RemoveCustomerAccountLinks for removal of redundant menu entries in the customer front-end;