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Collage with screenshots of the Butterfly webshop

Since 2019 we have been at the side of Tamasu Butterfly Europa GmbH and support the team in enabling customers to experience the Butterfly brand in the online shop 👐

Working closely with Tamasu Butterfly Europe, we have optimized internal processes. At the company's headquarters in Krefeld, various processes from administration to distribution take place. Through automation and interfaces we were able to simplify and accelerate them. In particular, order processing has been improved. After successful payment of an order, the data is passed on to the warehouse and the order is prepared for shipment. Depending on the destination country, requirements such as the enclosing of a printed invoice are fulfilled automatically. In addition, the stock levels are imported into the database of the online shop. We also provide the required data for the Lexware accounting software and the customer can conveniently download it as a CSV file.

Picture of a screenshot of the Butterfly webshop
Collage with mobile screenshots of the Butterfly webshop

Hyvä Themes: Magento frontend as fast as table tennis 🏓

We implemented the redesign of the Magento shop with Hyvä Themes. Within a few months, we were able to create and publish the new shop layout with Hyvä Themes. As a result, there were extra points for performance: The online shop now reaches the top value of 100 in Google's Lighthouse Score. There is hardly any other online shop where the pages load so quickly.

As in table tennis doubles, there are also areas in our cooperation with Tamasu Butterfly Europe that we divide up: While their team takes on the internal processing of the online store contents, we ensure that everything is running smoothly from a technical perspective. Thanks to widgets specially adapted to the needs of Tamasu Butterfly Europe, the Tamasu Butterfly Europe team is able to easily change the content of the homepage and all CMS pages even without programming skills. Images with overlying text and button links can be configured and displayed in different arrangements, optimized for desktop and mobile use. These widgets reduce the time needed to adapt the store’s homepage to the latest promotions.

Picture of a tablet with the Butterfly webshop on screen

We are satisfied when our customers are satisfied ⭐️

This does not only apply to us as agency but also to Tamasu Butterfly Europe. The focus is on the customers. With this in mind there are always new challenges for the online shop: How to judge table tennis paddles if you can't touch them? In order to create the most realistic picture of the products possible, we have developed an extension for the online store. This extension allows product reviews only after the purchase has been completed, and the customers have had time to test the products. After Tamasu Butterfly Europe gave us our own table tennis equipment for training in our office for the relaunch of the Magento shop, we are now looking forward to competing against the team one day.

Collage with screenshots of the Butterfly webshop

Future outlook

Picture with table tennis paddles and the Butterfly logo

Instagram shop connection

To open up another communication channel, a connection between the online shop and the brand’s Instagram channel is planned. This will enable links to the products and direct forwarding to the corresponding product detail pages.

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