Magento Development

Our team of certified Magento developers with many years of experience is ready to support your project. Some of us started working with Magento on the early versions of 2009. Working on different development tasks ranging from template adjustments to interface development, we got to know Magento and its quirks very well. There is often more than one way to reach your goal. We prefer the high-quality development because it does not matter whether it is a separate extension or part of a bigger project, one thing is certain:

Quality pays off

All works with Magento require experience and accuracy to make sure they are stable, extendable and updatable.
Our development principles include:


Observing Conventions

The coding standards and development principles of Magento and Zend Framework are our guideline


No Alterations of the Core

In order to ensure that the store can be updated with an official Magento update, we do not alter any core files of Magento

Event Observer

Whenever possible we work with event observers in development, as they clearly separate cause and effect


Talking Code

Documentations become outdated, so we strive for understandable, self-explanatory code

Magento Store Development

We build your store for you. If it is a brand-new project or an existing system, we take on the challenge. Where the standard features of Magento are not enough, we develop individual solutions that are customized according to your requirements.

Template Development

Your design is ready on paper and now you need support to put it into pixels? In this case, our front developers take up the task of templating. As an alternative, we can recommend partners that we have successfully worked with in the past who can create your design. 

Interface Development

An online store often is not alone. It is one component in a broader landscape of systems, often with a tight connection to an enterprise resource planning. We build a fitting interface to enable clean workflows. Our experience of building interfaces includes different systems, such as Sage Office LineSAP Business 1 and Lexware.

Extension Development

You would like to have an extension built which connects your product or service to Magento stores? We are the right team for you. In the past, we have created several hundreds of Magento extensions, such as configurators and newsletter connectors, interfaces for ERP and PIM systems, as well as shipping and payment extensions. 

Published Extensions

Next to project specific works we also build extensions that can be used in other Magento stores, too. Some of these modules are free, others that are more complex are available to buy, continuously worked on and offered with matching services. The current list of modules can be found on our GitHub-Account. Here is a selection of our most important extensions:


Improve your Magento store’s search by connecting it to Solr as a search engine

Magento DE

An easy installation of Magento, pre-configured to match German market requirements

Feed Generator

Easily create different product feeds for marketplaces like idealo, etc.


Show warnings if configuration values have been overwritten at a lower level, such as a store view


Quickly import product, customer and category data from any data sources


Erase any unnecessary menu entries from the customer account area

Your project in good hands

We look forward to be your technical partner for your Magento projects and extension development.
Send us a message at or call us at +49 241 990 88 44 0.