IntegerNet_Solr – The Solr Module for Magento

The connection between Magento and Solr for a user-friendly product search

For any site visitor, an online store’s default search function is the easiest way to the desired products. IntegerNet_Solr replaces Magento’s default search with a powerful, user-friendly search based on Apache Solr. Don’t lose any potential customers to empty search result pages.
✔ Fast & relevant search results
✔ Search results even when typos occur
✔ Extensive search suggestions
✔ Improved usability of filters
✔ Individually adjustable search algorithm
✔ Fast display of category pages based on Solr
✔ Mobile-optimized display
✔ Useful SEO settings
✔ Module for Magento 2 included (in progress)
✔ Complete documentation for developers and users

Relevant search results by IntegerNet_Solr

Intelligent search algorithm: IntegerNet_Solr finds the best product matches

Magento’s default product search covers the basics of a search engine. However, as soon as the search term becomes more difficult, e.g. when it consists of two words, Magento’s search results are less relevant. Our extension for the integration of Solr in Magento uses a search algorithm adjusted by us, which delivers the most relevant search results for any search term, even for typos.


Quick search results in Magento with IntegerNet_Solr

Search results at record speed

When the load time of an online store increases, both the number of orders and the cart amount decline. The search feature gets into a predicament: on the one hand, it is often used by those visitors who already know what they want – their willingness to buy is significantly above-average. On the other hand, search results are newly calculated for any search request. Using the default Magento product search, painfully long load times occur. With IntegerNet_Solr, this is a thing of the past: Instead of letting Magento perform the search, requests are processed by external, especially optimized Solr servers and displayed in the Magento online store with great speed. In a performance test we were able to reduce load times by up to 95% thanks to IntegerNet_Solr.[1]

Search suggestions help searching

Extensive search suggestions after just two letters

In every Magento store, you can have search term suggestions. Based on search terms entered by other website visitors, your customers get ideas what to look out for. IntegerNet_Solr does not just take a step forward but a leap forward: Additional product suggestions show matching results even before the search term has been completely entered. Categories and attributes can be suggested, too. This is especially helpful if the search term does not just match a specific product but a whole product series. Also, CMS pages are available for search suggestions, guiding your customers to matching product info pages or your service offerings.


Filters help to narrow down search results

Improved filters make product search easier

Magento’s filter functionality enables users to narrow down search results. IntegerNet_Solr extends these possibilities, putting a strong emphasis on an improved usability. Now customers can search for several filter values at the same time. Plus, you can decide for each category which filters shall be available. Unnecessary filters will no longer be displayed, reducing distractions.


IntegerNet_Solr reduces load times of category pages

Performance boost for category pages

Even with activated caches, category pages containing many products can have very high load times. In order to no longer rely on Magento’s database to calculate product lists, IntegerNet_Solr includes the option to calculate product lists by Solr. Even for categories with 100,000 products and activated attribute filters, in our test of IntegerNet_Solr page load times were less than one second.[1]

A helping hand for SEO

SEO help for your store

While various filtered search results pages are helpful for your site’s visitors, they can get in the way of your SEO aims. Even when it’s not duplicate content, having very similar pages indexed may negatively affect your Google ranking. Therefore, IntegerNet_Solr comes with settings that help you improve your store’s ranking in search engines, for example by giving directions to exclude search results pages from Google’s index.

IntegerNet_Solr is optimised for mobile devices

Optimised for mobile devices

Online store templates for mobile devices get better and better. However, catalog structures with several levels are still hard to navigate on mobile devices. Clicking your way through the levels, looking for the product you want, is too complicated. The product search spares expanding submenus and shortens the way to the desired products. To make sure your website visitors turn into customers on mobile devices, too, IntegerNet_Solr shows search suggestions in a window optimised for all display sizes. That way, the desired products are added to your cart in no time.


IntegerNet_Solr offers many possibilities to adjust the product search to your store's individual requirements

Individualisation of design and search algorithm

Every online store is different, for example due to assortment specific product attributes. But that’s no problem for the Magento extension IntegerNet_Solr: You are free to boost certain products, attributes, categories, or CMS pages according to your requirements, for example to promote special offers. A seamless integration with your corporate design is possible, too: you receive this Magento extension without any encryption, so you are able to design e.g. the search suggestions window according to your preferences. In the extension’s documentation you find tips how to change the design. For specific questions our support is here to help.


With IntegerNet_Solr you are prepared for the future

Forward-looking: IntegerNet_Solr for Magento 2

Based on the feedback of our customers and our own ideas, we continuously work on the optimisation of the existing module. Whether it’s usability or a search algorithm improvement, you profit from each update.
All updates are free of charge. Additionally, we prepare the development of IntegerNet_Solr for Magento 2, so that you can use the proved and tested product search of IntegerNet_Solr even after an update of your store’s software. The release of the Solr integration for Magento 2 is scheduled for the second quarter of 2017.

Convince yourself of IntegerNet_Solr

Run tests with your own data!

Convince yourself of the benefits of IntegerNet_Solr. In our demo store, you can easily test its features. For individual tests, we offer a test version so you can put the extension to the acid test in your own online store with your product range.

Increase your sales with Solr as a product search in Magento

Quality that pays off

Using Magento modules from integer_net you profit from high experience in Magento development that has grown for years. Just like our other extensions, IntegerNet_Solr is exclusively designed and developed by certified Magento developers in Germany. Our modules are meticulously developed, so you can easily customize them to fit changing needs. We also believe in a constructive cooperation with our customers who can contact us anytime before and after the purchase.
We are a member of ExtDN, the Magento Extension Developers Network, which consists of leading Magento extension providers. ExtDN members are committed to offer innovative, high quality extensions and share a common vision regarding a thriving Magento ecosystem.

Andreas von Studnitz

Viktor Franz

Fabian Schmengler
 ExtDN - Extension Developers Network

The technical advantages of IntegerNet_Solr

✔ High code quality and extendability, unencrypted source code
✔ Access to the extension’s GitHub repository
✔ Solr configuration files included
✔ Supports Solr 4.x to 6.x (Solr server needed)
✔ Supports Magento Community Edition and Enterprise Edition
✔ Compatible with Magento standard themes default, modern and rwd
Easy integration in other themes


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Further Information:
Complete list of IntegerNet_Solr’s features
[1] Performance Test of IntegerNet_Solr: Blog post “IntegerNet_Solr Speeds Up Category Pages – New Features in Version 1.3”