For more than seven years we have been supporting the Aachen based company. During this time we have accompanied the rapid growth from a online store just starting off to a giant in design furniture retail. What is required to achieve all this? No shying away from challenges, good cooperation and an enormous dynamic.

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Trust as the foundation of a successful partnership

Already in 2012 Design-Bestseller found its way into our customer database and has not left since. Back then, we took up the challenge of assisting the furniture retailer, which at that time was still quite small in the online sector, in its development. The starting point was an already existing online shop based on Magento. Together we grew on projects and gained valuable experience.

A lot has happened during these years, Design-Bestseller has grown continuously and has opened up new markets for itself. We were involved in the internationalization of the shop in four European countries as well as in the continuous optimization to ensure a fully functional system based on Magento Community Edition 1.9.

We supported Design-Bestseller with the relaunch of their shop in 2014, added individual functions that Magento does not have by default, and helped to optimize processes in internal merchandise management.

The team of Mathes Design GmbH, the company behind Design-Bestseller, has also grown steadily. It is therefore important to us to be a reliable contact for all members of the online shop team and to respond to different levels of knowledge about Magento.

A special client with special requirements

After taking over the Magento shop, it initially suffered from enormous loading times. So it was up to us to optimize them. With a comprehensive redesign, in which we rebuilt the system from scratch, the errors were corrected. We carried out this redesign in cooperation with the Cologne-based agency pooliestudios that created the design concept. Our task was then to implement the design in Magento.

Over time we had many joint projects, some of them were characterized by very precise ideas of Design-Bestseller. For example, we created the checkout as a multipage module based on a precise template of Design-Bestseller. The requirements were so exact and extensive that we completely redesigned the checkout to meet them. 

How we grow with our customers

In this cooperation it is not only our client Design-Bestseller that profits from our programming services. We also benefit from the projects since they enable us to gain valuable experience and apply it in a practical way. We grow with every challenge and gain additional knowledge in theory and implementation.

By meeting customer requests that exceed the standard features of Magento, we have the opportunity to demonstrate our skills and get a new perspective on the state of the art. The challenge of growing beyond ourselves and making the impossible possible is what particularly appeals to us. Customers like Design-Bestseller make work exciting for us.

At the same time, this also means that we occasionally venture into terrain unknown to us. Also in these cases we advise with open cards. It is important to us to see the potential benefits of an innovation in relation to the costs. In our opinion, this is the only way to ensure a successful long-term cooperation.

“Even after more than seven years of working together, I can still say that with integer_net we have bet on the right horse. At that time, integer_net was as much in the starting blocks as we were and was ready to dare to try something new.
We have learned a lot over the years, have grown together and feel well prepared for future challenges.”

Martin Möller, Managing Director of Design-Bestseller

“We particularly appreciate the flexibility of working with integer_net,
with which they respond to our growing demands, so that we are able to achieve ambitious goals.
Through the large number of projects that we have implemented together since 2012, integer_net has developed a deep understanding of how we work.
integer_net understands us as a client and our concerns in a way we have never experienced with any other agency.”

Pascal Skropke, CMO of Design-Bestseller

Our projects with Design-Bestseller

  • Change of merchandise management: With the change to an in-house development created by us with a connection to Magento, the special requirements of Design-Bestseller can be met.
  • New product pages: The product pages were implemented with a new design as a Vue app.
  • Warehouse management for shop-in-shop at Galeries Lafayette: Since 2019, Design-Bestseller has also been available in Paris in the famous Galeries Lafayette shopping centre with its own space. For optimal process flows we have written a system that enables warehouse management and orders to be placed from a central location.
  • Internationalization of the shop: We have done the setup for the Benelux stores, so that since the beginning of 2018 Design-Bestseller is represented with its own domain in Belgium, the Netherlands and France alongside its German presence. Additionally, Design-Bestseller ships to almost all European countries.
  • Integration of the Miles & More loyalty points programme: The development was initially done by another Magento agency, we took care of the finalization until the launch.


  • Connection of Actindo to Magento: We have taken over the connection to the merchandise management system Actindo because we know both Magento and the special requirements of Design-Bestseller well.
  • Procurement Tool “Dieter”: Design-Bestseller had no own solution for the coordination of orders with suppliers so far, so we programmed “Dieter”. This enables an order link between a customer’s order and the delivery of a manufacturer.
  • Integration of an augmented reality view of the products: Through a cooperation with Roomle, Design-Bestseller was able to offer customers individually configurable furniture. We have developed a 3D configurator which allows customers to view the self-assembled product in 3D and design it according to their preferences. This was followed by other 3D configurators.
  • Installation of Solr: IntegerNet_Solr is our self-developed module to improve the search function. Design-Bestseller was decisive for the development of the module, because the functions of the standard search solutions did not meet the requirements. Therefore Design-Bestseller was the first shop in which we implemented our Solr module.
  • Connection to Amazon: For Design-Bestseller we evaluated the existing solutions on the market based on the requirements and implemented the module m2epro. It enables the processing of orders placed via Amazon and the automated transfer of product data from Magento to the Amazon sales channel – all in accordance with Amazon’s strict guidelines.
  • Redesign of the existing Magento Shop: By the end of 2013 we had already started working on rebuilding the shop from scratch based on Magento 1 with a new design by pooliestudios.
  • New Multipage Check-out: In the beginning of 2014 we implemented the extensive module, as the standard Magento check-out did not meet the requirements of Design-Bestseller. This included delivery and billing address on one page, the possibility to redeem multiple vouchers even at the end of the order and a chronological order of the individual sections from left to right.
  • Development of a Responsive Slider: In order to perform well on all devices, we developed a responsive template for Design-Bestseller, which adapts the display of the functions to the screen size. This way the shop can be used comfortably on desktops and mobile devices.
  • Takeover of the existing Magento 1 shop: Since 2012 Design-Bestseller is our customer. Our first tasks were to maintain the shop and to optimize the performance in general.


We are looking forward to every further year with Design-Bestseller and are already planning the next challenges.


Migration to Magento 2

We are currently working on a migration from the Magento 1 Shop to Magento 2.


New frontend with Hyvä Themes

A new frontend with a strong performance is also planned which will be implemented with Hyvä Themes.

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Christian Philipp

Christian Philipp

Management & Project Management