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The Dutch specialist for light and sound technology is one of our newest clients with a Magento store for customers in the B2B sector. Highlite has succeeded in growing from a 2-person company to one of the leading European suppliers of show equipment. In order to continue its success, the company digitalizes its processes and focuses on an comprehensive online store.

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Worldwide distributor in B2B

Highlite was founded in the 1990s and has been based ever since in Kerkrade in the Netherlands, only 12 km from Aachen. What began with a container full of show equipment is now a company with more than140 employees. Across national borders Highlite is a regional customer for us with whom we communicate in German, English or Dutch.

The specialist in the field of lighting and sound technology operates a Magento store in six different languages and delivers to over 70 countries worldwide. Highlite is especially active in the B2B sector and provides retailers with a protected platform for the purchase of show equipment. It is important to Highlite to meet the quality requirements of its customers and to offer products at a fair price. In addition, the focus is on customer service. The customers should always be optimally advised, find comprehensive product information and be able to contact Highlite without any problems if required.

A Unique Cooperation

The Magento store had previously been managed by agencies until Highlite decided to hire a freelancer. Due to the success of the store, the requirements grew and it was clear that this would soon no longer be enough. So at the end of 2019, the choice fell on us for the further expansion of the Magento 2 based stor. Due to the existing technological understanding of the Highlite team, the communication takes place on a high technical level. In addition to the implementation of specific requirements , we act as advisors. We show potentials which can be exploited by using Magento as a platform and therefore optimize internal processes.

Highlite is characterized by an innovative team that is willing to try out new things and therefore allows itself and us as an agency to constantly gain knowledge and experience.


Focus on Performance

When our cooperation with Highlite started, the Magento based store suffered from long load times. Accordingly, one of our first tasks was to reduce these significantly. After quick initial successes, we are now pursuing performance optimization as an ongoing process to constantly improve the shopping experience.

Another project includes the optimization of Highlite’s internal search function, because the product range is extensive. The search function enables the fastest way to find a product. The aim is to offer customers the best possible experience by providing a search results list with the solutions that fit the customer’s needs.

In addition, we carry out security-relevant updates: For example, modules used in the store for which no more updates are provided by the creators, are evaluated together with Highlite to determine whether they are still needed. If functions continue to make sense we implement them technically and adapt them to Highlite’s quality and security standards. In this way we prevent these outdated modules from becoming security risks and at the same time adjust the functions exactly to Highlite’s requirements.

“From the very beginning, integer_net ensured a professional collaboration and maintained a relaxed and pleasant contact. We quickly noticed that they not only say what they do, but also do what they say excellently! Great technical know-how in Magento and customer understanding are among their absolute strengths.”

Patrick Herveille, Vice President of Highlite

“integer_net has a young and very committed team that always ensures a clear structure and great openness. The relaxed approach of the employees fits perfectly with our own corporate culture. In addition, they have a keen eye for getting orders done in a good and very satisfactory way straight away, rather than finding intermediate solutions that have to be improved again afterwards”.

Sjoerd Konings, Application and Project Manager at Highlite




We create a redesign for the Magento store, which we develop iteratively together with Highlite and implement technically in an ongoing process.


Improvement of the usability

Structural adjustments are made to optimize the experience of the customers.


Revision of the RMA process

In order to make returns more efficient, they will in future be processed directly via the Magento system.

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Christian Philipp

Christian Philipp

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