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Founded in Aachen in 1989, liNear GmbH specialises in software solutions and services for the design of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. The software company already offers its customers a large product portfolio for building information modeling processes. For this innovation driver, we have implemented an online shop with Hyvä Themes as the frontend for the first time.

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Magento online shop with Hyvä frontend

The headquarters of the Aachen-based company liNear are located just a few kilometers from our office. As an innovation driver in digital building design, liNear offers software in seven languages for customers all over the world. The company’s claim is to deliver the highest quality. This claim not only applies to the company’s own products, but is also reflected in our project collaboration launched in 2020 and in the Magento-based online shop.

In the e-commerce project for liNear, we used Hyvä Themes as the frontend for a Magento shop for the first time. A clean design with optimal performance was particularly important. We maintained this focus during the development and were able to complete the new Magento Open Source-based online shop for liNear’s sales partners after just four months. The performance of the Magento shop is convincing: outstanding Lighthouse scores form the basis for a pleasant user experience.

Special features in B2B

Although every B2B online shop has individual requirements, many B2B projects have one thing in common: complex pricing structures for products, which depend on several components and differ at customer or customer group level. We have also implemented such a complex pricing system in the Magento shop for liNear. The prices are calculated based on customer information and options selected by the customers.
In addition, a product finder in the shop ensures that customers are supported when selecting a software option. The appropriate products are suggested based on individual needs.

Through the connection to KeyCloak, liNear offers its customers a Single Sign-On (SSO) service: For this purpose, we implemented the function in Magento, which also allows the login data from other platforms of the company to log in to the online shop. This allows customers to use all liNear services with a single password.

Two projects within one year

After the first successful launch in December 2020, we completed another online shop for liNear in the summer of 2021, which is aimed at smaller business clients and enables the purchase of licences for more compact software packages. We implemented this shop with a frontend based on Hyvä Themes, too. In this project, it was important for the product presentation to have a tabular display of the functions contained in the different editions of each software package, which provides a clear overview on all devices.

In order to make it easier for the liNear team to manage content related to the products in need of explanation, we stored various content types in the Magento backend. This way, the team can independently fill the shop’s FAQ section or make the  wide range of functions of the products understandable by integrating a variety of explanatory videos on the product pages.

integer_net brings not only an enormous knowledge of Magento, but also the necessary technical know-how and manpower for custom solutions. In combination with professional project management, we were able to implement even extraordinary requirements as desired. We thank integer_net for the trustful cooperation and look forward to continuing in the coming years.”

Gregor Meurers, Head of Marketing at liNear



Multilingual Shop

In order to meet the increasing international requirements, the shop is being expanded into several languages.


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Christian Philipp

Christian Philipp

CEO & Project Management