Your Products on all Channels

Reach new customers on marketplaces and comparison shopping sites. Feed Generator provides the product data in the right format for a variety of platforms.

Fitting Templates

The Feed Generator formats all product data to match the templates for different marketplaces.

Daily Updated Data Feeds

To make sure your product data are always up-to-date on all platforms, the data feeds are updated daily.

More Reach

Win new customers and profit from optimized display of your products on different portals. 

Sell Successfully Via Different Channels

The Magento extension Feed Generator is made to create different data feeds for a variety of marketplaces.
Each of these marketplaces and comparison shopping sites asks for a different data format. The extension contains templates for all important platforms in the German speaking regions. If the platforms’ templates change, the license server will automatically provide updated versions for you. 

Export Product Data In The Right Format

Configure it once, always based on an up-to-date template


Quick Indexing

When product data changes, they are automatically updated on the feed without the need to recreate the whole feed. The update is usually done in less than a second.

Always Current Feed Templates

The Feed Generator checks daily with our license server if the feed templates have changed. If that is the case, the update is automatically forwarded to your online store.

Individually Adjustable

If a template you need is not included in the extension, you can create it yourself. Our user manual describes the process in detail to give you full control over your product data.


The price of a license of Feed Generator depends on the used Magento version.
All prices exclude VAT.

Magento Community Edition

750 Euro

Magento Enterprise Edition

1.000 Euro

Would you like to test the extension?

Try out Feed Generator! You can test the extension with all features free of charge.
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Feed Generator - Demo Version

Magento Version

Questions & Answers

Which features are included in the extension?
  • product feed generation from Magento
  • predefined feed templates that are well-adapted for the requirements of Google Shopping (product listing ads), eVendi,, and more
  • quick feed generation: once product feeds are generated, only small updates are made und future exports take mere seconds
  • managing of feed templates and feeds within the Magento back-end
  • automatic updating of predefined feed templates over the web
  • generating various additional feeds within the back-end without the need of programming skills
  • supporting large amounts of data (has been tested with up to 500.000 products)
  • attribute mappings for existing attributes
  • add attributes with one click
  • support of all product types, including configurable products
  • definition of default values for specific feed attributes (like shipping costs, delivery times, Google Shopping attributes)
  • command line file generation
  • individual modifications made possible by the event / observer model
  • implementation by experienced developers, providing high-quality code which conforms with Magento
Which technical requirements exist?

Your store system should fulfil the following requirements:

  • Magento Community Edition 1.6 to 1.9 or Magento Enterprise Edition 1.11 to 1.12. The Enterprise Edition 1.13 and 1.14 have not yet been tested. 

Incompatibilities with other installed modules are unlikely since the extension has no rewrites and no changes to core functionalities. 

Can I test Feed Generator?

You can find our demo store via The access data are prefilled.
This is a current Magento store with the official demo catalog data and the Magento DE package. You can see all features of Feed Generator except for the installation and command line opeartions.

Can I get a test version of Feed Generators?

Sure! Just contact us via this form.

I have several sites in a multi store setup. Do I need one or more licenses?

If you have several websites, stores or store views all in one Magento installation, so everything is administered via one Magento admin panel, you only need one license.
It does not matter whether multiple domains belong to this installation. Also, all development, staging and test installations for this live installation are covered in one license.

Where can I find more details about the license?

Exactly here:

integer_net GmbH Software User License

By purchasing a product from integer_net GmbH (“licensor”) you as a buyer (“licensee”) agree to the following terms and conditions for the use of this product.

Terms used in this license

Purchased software, scripts, documentations etc. produced or provided by integer_net GmbH from Aachen, Germany.

License Agreement:
hereinafter also referred to as convention, agreement or conditions.

License Agreement

1. By purchasing the software, the licensee acknowledges this agreement and agrees to the content of these conditions. He commits himself to use the software solely in accordance with this agreement.

2. The agreement comes into effect when the licensee orders the product, when he downloads it from the licensor’s website or when he receives the product per e-mail.

3. The licensor is the copyright owner of the sold product. The software and parts of it are protected by copyright. Any activity, that breaches the conditions of this convention or the copyright, will be prosecuted in accordance with applicable law.

4. This agreement provides the licensee the right to use a copy of the software solely in a Magento installation commercially or for private use if all other conditions of this convention are met. For each additional Magento installation a separate license must be purchased. Any reproduction or distribution of the software without the licensor’s authorization, including non-commercial distribution, shall be considered a breach of this agreement and will be made liable under applicable laws. Additionally, the software may be used on non-productive Magento installations which are used for developing or testing purposes.

5. The licensee may not make use of the software in part or entirely in any other software, another product or website.

6. The licensee may not distribute, sell, resell, sublicense, rent, lease or lend this software or its documentation, neither as a whole nor partly. He may not save the software on a server, so that it can be downloaded over public networks such as the Internet.

7. The licensee is obliged to preserve the copyright information provided within the software and its documentation unchanged.

8. The licensor reserves the right to publish a selection of users of this software.

9. The licensor cannot be held responsible for damages (including missed profits and consequential losses) caused by the licensee or his vicarious agents due to incorrect use of this software.

10. The licensor shall not be liable for damages resulting from unlawful use of the software.

11. If the licensee is not able or willing to use the software in accordance with this license agreement, the license of the software will be revoked.

12. The licensor reserves the right to change the license agreement at any time.

13. This license agreement stays in effect until its termination. The licensor reserves the right to terminate the license in case of an infringement of this agreement. The licensee can terminate the use of the license at any time by deleting all copies of the software. The licensor is obliged to refund the purchase price only if the termination of this agreement by the licensee occurs during the first 14 days after the purchase. A continued use of the software by the licensee is not allowed.

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