Magento 2

B2C-Ecommerce with Magento

Screenshot of Magento Hyvä-Demo Webshop home page and product details

Impressive variety for young online customers!

  • Magento 2 Open Sourcein the current version
  • Luma Frontend
  • API-Interface for Billbee for a smooth order processing
  • OneStepCheckout from Mageplaza
  • Cobby for an easy Product Information Management (PIM) system
  • Smile-Elasticsuite for quickly finding products
  • Professional Hosting at maxcluster

Easy B2C commerce in a modern design

Our customers reflect the diverse spectrum of online shops. The presented project is a real client of ours who prefers to remain anonymous.

B2C shops can offer tens of thousands of products to their customers: everything one desires.
To ensure that searching through such a vast variety of choices leads to the desired results easily and quickly, the search and filter navigation can be enhanced, for instance, by using the Smile-Elasticsuite module.

Those looking for a gift can also find what they need swiftly, even if they want to leave the final choice to the recipient: Through the Gift Cards module by Amasty, customers can select their favourite from various gift vouchers and choose their preferred amount. Meanwhile, the shop owner can effortlessly keep track of remaining balances and also set specific amounts as needed.

Once the favourite product is found, OneStepCheckout by Mageplaza ensures a pleasant payment experience. Payment methods can be selected from various options: PayPal, PayPal Plus (invoice and direct debit), credit card, and prepayment cover all needs. For open prepayment, an automatic payment reminder can be integrated, further helping customers keep track of their orders.

Purchased products can also be picked up from the warehouse upon request. A Store Locator by Amasty can be integrated into the webshop to display all branches nationwide on a map.

Screenshots of Magento Hyvä-Demo Webshop in horizontal perspective

Simplified product management and convenient customer information

Magento offers many features that distinguish it as a shopping system from other solutions. One of Magento's strengths:

A multi-shop system where both a B2C shop and a B2B shop can be operated within one software instance. In practice, this means higher efficiency efficiency and significant cost savings.

For smooth sales processing, our customers require not only a reliable online shop but also good tools for the work behind the scenes. We place particular emphasis on making the sales team's daily work easier and to minimize manual processes. In reality, this means that data from various sources can be neatly bundled in Magento and used and processed by the store team right there — without any detours via other tools. This saves time and drastically reduces transmission errors.

The smooth handling of data protection right from the start is handled by Trusted Shops' Cookie Management.

Billbee manages the order processing in the background and sends orders via API from other platforms directly to the Magento shop system. This way, you can keep track and have all order information in one system.
The transfer of entities such as products, reviews, or categories from Magento to platforms like Google Shopping, Facebook, or Idealo can be handled by Xtento Product Feeds.
When product information changes, another tool comes into play: Product Information Management is handled through Cobby. Cobby transfers data from Magento to Excel and back in real-time. Information such as images, image descriptions, new categories, new products, or new prices can be entered or updated lightning fast.

To effectively promote new releases or sales, the BrevoNewsletter Plugin can be integrated. News can be sent through the Magento backend, eliminating the need for a cumbersome change of programs: This way, you have everything available at a glance.

Screenshot of Magento Hyvä-DemoWebshop home page
Screenshot of Magento Hyvä-DemoWebshop product details

Concise & to the point! We can implement that for you:

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